The Vodafone Arena is the only Multi-Purpose area in Fiji.

It is currently used mostly for International basketball, volleyball, and netball matches in Fiji.

Avant Sports provided with the retractable unit, fixed seat, and wooden flooring in 2018. The retractable system uses wooden benches which can increase the seating capacity. It is a powerful operating system, very convenient, fully operated by manual.

For the wooden sports floor, in order to meet the needs of training and completion, we design the International competition line and the training mode line on the same court. The conversion between these is very easy and can be quick.

Venue: Vodafone Arena

Location: Suva, Fiji

Seating System 1: Telescopic Seating

Seat 1: Wooden Bench, 1400 pcs

Seating System 1: Fixed Seating

Seat 2: Salin, 3500 pcs

Wooden Sports Floor: 4200 SQM

Completed in: 2018