Villa Deportiva Nacional (National Sports Village) is one of Peru’s main stadiums. It happens located in the San Luis district of Lima. Peru’s national football and bicycle track and field training ground are set up here. Knowing that the needed funds, all goods must meet the terms of the Olympic Games request. Avant using the perfect Diamond II model. Diamond II seat model made by GMP- a leading German design company in the world. The designers that follow European standards and FIFA request.

To meet the characters of the bright particles of the Pan American Games, we used 11 colors for seats. Including a bright orange and yellow color. they are easy to lose color outside using when Peru has a long-time sunlight condition. To solve this problem, Avant engineer working with a famous Color Company. Make sure the seat can keep the color for 5 years.

Venue: VIDENA Athletic

Location: Lima, Peru

Seating System: Stadium Seating

Seats: Diamond II, 10125 pcs

Completed in: 2019