University of the Philippines (UP) is a national university system, founded in 1908. Avant was proud to be selected to provide the Metal Bleacher System, Retractable seats, and Stadium seats for two of the constituent units for UP, one is UP Diliman, the main campus of the UP system, the other one is UP Mindanao. The Anly-Vogue system was successfully installed in UP Mindanao football field in 2018. This is a newly-developed metal structural bleacher system with the following three basic attributes, making it the best choice for the high school bleachers and the university bleachers, instead of the traditional civil construction stands.

  1. Medium-sized bleacher, from 6-20 rows.
  2. Cost-effective Bleacher compared to scaffolding system and I-beam Metal Grandstand
  3. Permanent Metal Bleacher system with deck supporting capacity up to 5KN/ square meter

Avant Model Vogue Bench seats as Common seats, which can accommodate more students, and the seat is equipped with drain holes, which can effectively realize the outdoor drainage function. The VIP Merit Seating, with seat width 480mm, is very suitable for ergonomics.

There are three hollow design in the middle of the 92.5m long elevated first-row metal bleacher, so the spectators can go up to the metal stands from behind. With such an arrangement for the staircases, we can keep a safe distance from the football field track to the spectator stands. Aluminum deck as standard design for ANLY system is more stable and rust-resistant. The bright color red was with Anti-UV treatment so that the seat can obtain very stable performance even in tropical areas.

Venue: The University of the Philippines Mindanao

Location: Mindanao, the Philippines

Seating System: High School Bleacher

Seat 1: Vogue without backrest, 1,560 pcs

Seat 2: Merit 24pcs

Completed in: July 2018