Tip and Roll Bleachers

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Tip And Roll Bleachers

Tip and Roll Bleachers Factory

AvantSeating is a leading sports bleachers manufacturer in China, tip and roll bleacher is a kind of small bleacher that can be moved easily.

We can produce 3-row, 4-row, and 5-row tip and roll bleachers, they are commonly used indoors or outdoors with bench-like seats or durable plastic chairs, which comply with stadium seat standards.

We can also manufacture 2 – 15 row aluminum bleachers for events.

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AvantSeating Tip and Roll Bleachers

AvantSeating company has its own manufacturing base(140, 000 SQM) in north of China. Our factory has passed the ISO 9001, We have extrusion machine to produce aluminum planks, robotic welding machine, powder coating workshop, and bending machine, every process are inspected by QA staff, from raw material to finished products. we can definitely deliver high quality products.

3 Row Tip And Roll Bleachers

3 Row Tip and Roll Bleachers

7.5′ 9′ 15′ 21′ are available, seating capacity can be up to 54 people

4 Row Tip And Roll Bleachers

4 Row Tip and Roll Bleachers

bleacher length varies from 7.5′ to 27′, can accommodate 20 – 72 audience

Mobile Bleachers

Mobile Bleachers

mobile bleachers can roll away by few workers, and this kind of rolling bleachers are convenient for storage

AvantSeating: Your Best Tip and Roll Bleachers Supplier

Roll Away Bleachers

AvantSeating is an established seating manufacturer in the sports equipment industry. we have 30 years of experience in the design of stadium chairs and stadium seating layout. We can produce almost all kinds of sports seats, indoor or outdoor, fixed or retractable. We also offer free layout design of stadium seating. if you have a project, AvantSeating will definitely offer you one-stop solutions.

Tip and roll bleachers are a type of rolling bleachers, which are temporarily used in venues, such as gyms, arenas, or swimming pools. They are movable and convenient for storage. We not only can produce aluminum bench seats for the products but also have specially designed plastic seats for this kind of bleachers.

In addition to tip and roll bleachers, AvantSeating also has full capacity to build large-scale spectator stands, such as stadium grandstands, sideline team benches, aluminum benches, football bleachers, and temporary grandstands.

As one of the largest stadium seating manufacturers in China, AvantSeating has witnessed a growing demand for sporting infrastructure in China and across the world. People are paying more attention to body fitness. AvantSeating has made a big success by satisfying the needs in past decades. In 2019, we invested a new manufacturing base in Shandong, China, which covers an area of 140, 000 square meters.

New factories are properly organized by a verified quality assurance system, ISO 9001. We also equipped new factories with state of the art machines, for example, robotic welding arms, plastic molding machines, CNC bending machines, powder coating workshops, and so on. Every process is inspected by well-trained QC staff, making sure you will get eligible products.

We can produce 30, 000 chairs per month. So you can rest assured that we will never delay any order, large and small.

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Custom Tip and Roll Bleachers to Meet Your Standards

Portable Bleachers 2

Portable bleachers involve rolling bleachers and transportable bleachers, they are built on wheels, you can simply move them from one place to another

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Bleachers on wheels are transportable, small roll away bleachers can be moved by 1-2 person, large transportable bleachers usually by tractors

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portable bleacher systems include portable bleachers, tractor kits, and tractors, they are designed for flexible purposes.

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Sport Bleachers 2

sport bleachers, also known as aluminum bleachers, are used for sporting events, AvantSeating’s engineers are capable of design large-scale bleachers for specific projects.

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Why Choose AvantSeating Tip and Roll Bleachers

As the leading portable bleacher manufacturer, AvantSeating has been dedicated to the sports industry for several decades, we are committed to providing high-quality facility from the outset of her foundation.

We have the largest manufacturing base in the north of China, which has more than 4 separate factories in one industrial zone. With such a big scale, AvantSeating can produce at least 35, 000 seats within a month, your important event will never be postponed by protracted lead time.

There are many types of seats for venues, AvantSeating is expert at most stadium seat manufacturing. They are mainly HDPE heavy-duty chairs, wood chairs, vip seats, basketball chairs, outdoor football stadium chairs, aluminum planks for sports bleachers and grandstands.

The chairs can be applied to the retractable platforms, fixed stands, or aluminum bleachers, which are usually with cold aluminum planks that are uncomfortable to use in cold weathers.

We can even help customers design the layout of stadium seating, and retractable seating, which is often seen in gyms and arenas.

Furthermore, we have designed temporary bleachers for some temporary events, such as portable bleachers, tip and roll bleachers, roll away bleachers, and bleachers on wheels.

As #1 in the seating industry, AvantSeating has passed many authoritative audits, such as SGS, TUV, FIBA, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OSHAS which is for our employee’s wellness.

We treat every order seriously, no matter whether it is big or small, and will never delay any promised lead time due to huge manufacturing capacity.

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