The project started in 2015, and at the end of 2015, due to budgetary issues, the bid fell. Bidding was restarted in 2016. After thousands of revisions of the plan, Avant was finalized as the supplier of this project. The management team of Frederikborg visited our booth in FSB and finalized our newly developed seat option Hilo. They like its fashion appearance and ergonomic seat comforts This project has some special customized designs such as the hollow part. The stairs can move forward and backward as the stands are folded, and the stand seats automatically rise and fall with the movement of the stands. The photography platform is also based on on-site customization. There is a passage under the Angu Grandstand to communicate with the doors on both sides and the hollow passage of the telescopic grandstand. The installation was completed on October 19, and the stand was officially used in Denmark’s highest-level handball league on November 24, 2019.

Venue: The Frederiksborg Centre

Location: Hillerød, Denmark

Seating System 1: Retractable Seating

Seat 1: Hilo, 1716 pcs

Seat 2: Kook, 290 pcs

Seating System 2: Fixed Seating

Seat 1: Hilo, 470 pcs

Seat 2: Kook, 304 pcs

Seating System 3: Angu Bleacher

Seat 1: Shine, 307 pcs

Completed in: 2019