Temporary Grandstands

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Temporary Grandstands

Temporary Grandstands, Temporary Stadiums Manufacturer

AvantSeating is a professional grandstands manufacturer.

We not only can produce permanent grandstands but also can design and fabricate temporary grandstands, which are constructed from standard steel parts. These parts have the same size and structure, so it is more convenient for storage and transport.

In this way, we can design a temporary stadium seating for race track, beach volley, water polo, and even festival or concert

We have developed 8 series of plastic stadium chairs for grandstands or stadium stands.

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AvantSeating Temporary Grandstands Advantages

AvantSeating temporary grandstands are easy to install, store and transport because they are designed with standard steel component, which has the same size and structure, however, they are flexible to build different types of grandstands for sports events. you will never have to invest a permanent stadium stands, or even concrete spectator stands, AvantSeating temporary grandstands are designed and pre-fabricated in our factory following rigorous calculation and design, wherever there is a need, you can have the grandstands installed within a few days.

Adjustive Flange

Adjustive Flange

Major parts for connecting beams and posts,

Adjustive Post

Adjustive Post

Helping adjust the height of every points if the ground is not even

Adjustive Beam

Adjustive Beam

The beams help adjust the distance between main pillar

Storage Kits For Steel Parts

Storage Kits for Steel Parts

Facilitate the storage and transportation of unassembled steel parts

Storage Kits For Seats

Storage Kits for Seats

Specially designed for the storage of seats and chairs on the sports grandstands

Strength Calculation

Strength Calculation

rigorous engineering calculation ensure the grandstands can be up to industrial standards

AvantSeating: Design the Best Temporary Grandstands

Temporary StadiumsAvantSeating is a reputed sports facility manufacture in China, which was incorporated in 1994.

After nearly 30 years of operation, AvantSeating has grown up to the largest stadium seats manufacturer. By working together with global distributors and partners, we also distribute our products and services across the world.

Thanks to the endeavor of our ambitious colleagues, recent years have seen the rising popularity of AvantSeating products throughout the globe.

AvantSeating is an expert in sport seating, we design and fabricate hundreds of temporary grandstands for high schools, race track, arena & stadium, beach volley both domestically and overseas.

We are not only good at regular linear bleacher grandstands design but also have the ability to produce bleacher grandstands in an arc shape that is fit to stadium layout.

For some special needs, we also have solutions for small a volume of the spectator, such as 2 – 15 row aluminum bleachers, portable bleachers, tip and roll bleachers, for indoor seating solutions, we have retractable seating systems, portable chairs, and so on.

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Customize Temporary Grandstands for Events

Temporary Grandstands For Race Track

Race Track

AvantSeating can design grandstands for race track, the size and capacity of high school football bleachers are customized according to specific requirements, it can be with plastic seats or just bare aluminum planks.

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For temporary events, you can look to temporary grandstands rental, or customizing your own temporary spectator stands by cooperating with AvantSeating, a professional stadium seating manufacturer in China.

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Beach Volley

Beach volley is a popular game, but it is impossible to build a permanent audience stands on sandy beaches, however, AvantSeating has developed a kind of temporary metal bleacher that can be installed and used on beach for events.

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Temporary Grandstands Bleachers For Water Polo

Water Polo

Temporary grandstands are also popular for indoor water polo, you can rent or order this kind of provisional stands for spectators from a professional manufacturer, like Avantseating, which has almost 30 years’ experience in bleacher building.

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Case Studies

Why Choose AvantSeating High School Bleachers

AvantSeating uses prefabricated steel components to design and produce temporary grandstands for events. Compared with traditional stadium stands, they are cost-effective, reusable, and modularized. For upcoming projects, engineers can quickly construct a seating solution by using modularized steel structure to hand, so you can anticipate a shorter project schedule by adopting our temporary grandstands.

AvantSeating temporary grandstands are treated with hot-dip galvanization. The longevity and durability of the stands consist in the well-treated finish of zinc layers, which is thick enough to resist corrosion for at least 40 years.

The pronounced advantage of temporary stands ( also called temporary bleachers, if the stands are assembled with aluminum bench seats) could be its flexibility. Most of the manufacturing works are processed in factories.

Temporary Stadiums Structure

Picture 1 Temporary Stadiums Construction

Engineers prepare preliminary drawings after communications with clients, then follows engineering calculation and strength validation by engineering lab both in the factory and in the 3rd-party agency. If everything goes well, all the separate parts can be packed up for transportation to the destination.

after several days of on-site construction, the temporary grandstands can be assembled soon and ready for the events.

As an ISO 9001 factory, AvantSeating inspects every manufacturing process strictly according to Standards of Procedure(SOP), this ensure the spectator stands can be up to the industrial standards, and will have a reliable quality in the following decades.

AvantSeating are renowned sports facility manufacturer in China. If you have projects related to sports seating or equipments, we can offer one-stop solution,

Besides temporary grandstands, we also produce team benches, small aluminum bleachers, portable bleachers, tip-and-roll bleachers, retractable seating, wooden sports flooring, gam mats, custom wall padding, basketball hoops, sports netting, and so on.

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