10 rows telescopic tribune with fully upholstery Hishine seat, P.A.C.T Toamasina, Madagascar.

When the client found us with her purchasing agent, they have already visited two telescopic tribune factories in China. They want to purchase a high-class telescopic tribune for PORT ACADEMY CENTER TOAMASINA. However, there is no such telescopic tribune system installed in Madagascar, even there is, the seat is simply nose-mounted plastic seats which are not applied to the meeting hall for P.A.C.T.

At first, we have designed 2 options for the client, both two options are using rear-mounted seats. The rear-mounted seats could let spectators sit and stand at the same level, making convenience and classic at the same time. But for the Hishine seat, it is fully upholstery and could automatically close when the tribune closed, helped save more time for system operation, that is why the client chooses the Hishine seat at the end.

During communication with clients, they want us to make more seats as much as possible, but the space is limited. Therefore, we have hanged an additional row at the very front, this additional row has its own wheels, very simple and cheap as it is but increases 26 seats to the tribune.

After 3 months, our engineer flew to Madagascar and help guided installation in only one week.

Venue: Tamatave Port Lecture Hal

Location: Madagascar

Seating System: Telescopic Seating

Seats: Hishine, 263 pcs

Completed in: 2019