Chandigarh is the sixth-largest city in India, and in my opinion, it is also one of the best-planned cities in India. Strawberry Field High School is the best school here. Their principal, Mr. Khana, used to have a meeting at Orana Convention Centre. He was very interested in seeing the events we were doing and asked for my contact information. (It is very pleasant to see your own customers help introduce customers), after communication, customers need to do three special customization requirements

  1. Due to the limited height of the hall, double-row seats are specially designed to meet the requirements of maximizing the number of seats
  2. The color of the seat needs to be consistent with the original color
  3. The requirement to put a console on the bearer
  4. Fire prevention requires BS5852 Class 5 fire prevention
  5. Need to be equipped with LED lights

The leading design fully meets the needs of this customer. We sent a professional installation engineer to the site to guide the installation. With the strong support of the school construction team, the installation and commissioning were successfully completed in just one week. The customer also wrote a warm thank you letter specifically for this. Although we only did what we were supposed to do, we were very happy to be praised by cust

Venue: Strawberry Field High School

Location: Chandigarh, India

Seating System: Telescopic Seating

Seats: Padded Kook, 307 pcs

Completed in: 2018