Diamond One-Piece Seat – An Exclusive Design for the Future in Stadium Seating.

1. One-Piece. Blow Molded. High-Density Polyethylene.

Three different mounting options: Floor Mounted, Riser Mounted, and Simple Mounted Floor Mounted.

Avant Diamond One-Piece Seat

Custom Options: Advertisement and Cup Holder

Backrest / Base — Blow Molded. One Piece. High-Density Polyethylene. Large size and medium size backrest.

Cup Holder — Minimal impact on aisle space

2. Frame — Two mounting options: Riser Mounted and Floor Mounted. Material options: Aluminum alloy. Aluminum-magnesium alloy. Galvanized tube.

Seat Number Plate — Made of aluminum alloy.

Advertisement — Interchangeable, Waterproof, Stain resistant.

Avant Diamond Stadium Seat

3. Diamond Tip-Up Seat( VIP / VVIP Seat )

Independent frame? Exceptional comfort? Superior touch and feel? Offers VIP treatment.

Structural Integrity — Deeper Aisle Space

Blow-molded with premium HDPE, the Diamond Tip-Up Seat has outstanding performance in comfort, safety, and durability. An Independent frame design makes installation easy. All metal components are galvanized for optimum strength. The Independent frame offers more flexibility at the time of installation. Hot-galvanized surface treatment creates exceptional durability.

4.Diamond Integral Foam Seat

Fast and Easy Cleaning. Integral Foam surface features a seat that is stain and mildew resistant. Optimal comfort. Recommended for outdoor use.