Sports facts can be just as exciting if not more than science facts to some people.

Learning about the origin of sports, records that were broken, and many more are great conversation starters.

Below is a list of the most interesting sports facts there are to offer.

Sports Facts About Kids

Children make up a huge part of sports.

Here are the most interesting facts when it comes to youngsters playing them.

1. 35 Million kids sign up to play sports but 70 percent quit before turning 1 3-years-old. (

2. Bowling was invented in 3200 BC in Egypt. (

3. The first-ever sports are thought to be Hockey, Running, and Wrestling. (

4. Track and Field date back to 776 BC when the ancient Olympic Games were thought to be held. (

5. Harvey Elliot became the world’s youngest premier league player at 16 years and 30 days. (

Figure 1 Harvey Elliot

Figure 1 Harvey Elliot (Source:

Origin of Sports Facts

There’s little that is more important than understanding where sports came from and when.

These origins of sports facts explain it all.

1. Volleyball was invented in Holyoke, MA. In 1895. (

2. Bowling was invented in 3200 BC in Egypt.  (

3. The first-ever sports are thought to be Hockey, Running, and Wrestling.  (

4. Track and Field date back to 776 BC when the ancient Olympic Games were thought to be held. (

Figure 2 Track And Field

Figure 2 Track And Field (

Sports Records

Without sports records, no one would know who the best is at anything.

Sports records are often an important part of the hall of fame for every sport.

1. John Isner and Nicholas Mahut played the longest tennis match ever that lasted 11-hours and five minutes. (

2. Lebron James is the record-holder for most consecutive games with a minimum of 10 points scored (1,000). (

3. UConn’s Women’s Basketball held the winningest streak of basketball games in the NCAA with 71. (

General Facts

There is always a group of misfit facts that are interesting and vital to know but fall under their miscellaneous category.

1, The diameter of a basketball is half the width of the hoop… that means two balls could fit side by side. (

2. Sports have been played in outer space. A golf ball was hit by Alan Shephard, and a javelin thrown by Edgar Mitchell on the moon, in 1971. (

Figure 3 Alan Shephard

Figure 3 Alan Shephard (Source:

3. Michael Phelps has more medals than the country of Mexico. With 28 gold medals, he is the most decorated Olympian of all time. (

Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The World

The worldwide list of sports that rank in popularity based on a number of factors like TV revenue, ticket sales, gear sales, and many more, may surprise some as it’s not all-American dominated sports.

List (

  1. Football (Soccer)
  2. Cricket
  3. Hockey (Field)
  4. Tennis
  5. Volleyball
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Basketball
  8. Baseball
  9. Rugby
  10. NFL

USA VS International Facts

Sports internationally have quite a few differences from the U.S. dominating sports industry.

Let’s take a look at the key different areas.

Worldwide And U.S. Viewership

U.S. viewership of sports makes up for a huge part of the world’s sports market and viewership.

1. The most-watched sport in the USA is the NFL with the Super Bowl being the most-watched event in The U.S. (

2. The Kentucky Derby is the 7th most-watched sporting event in The U.S. (

3. For the world, The Tour-de-France takes the cake for world viewership at 3.5 billion spectators. (

Sports Stadiums

As the world continues to develop, the sporting venues and stadiums just keep getting better and better.

Here are some of the top stadiums in the world.

Madison Square Garden

1. MSG in New York, New York opened in 1968 and has a capacity of 20,879. (

2. The locker rooms are round for both the Rangers and the Knicks as it facilitates team unity. (

Estadio Azteca

1. Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico was built in 1966 and has a record attendance for the Julio Cesar Chavez boxing match against Greg Haugen. The number was 132,247 people. (

Figure 4 Estadio Azteca

Figure 4 Estadio Azteca (Source:

2. This stadium has hosted two world cups, eight NFL games, Michael Jackson, U2, and many more events. (

Wrigley Field

1. Wrigley Field in Chicago was built in 1914 and is home to the Cubs. It hosts 41,649 spectators. (

2. Their scoreboard has not changed since 1937 and to this day is manually operated. (

Beijing National Stadium

1. The National Stadium was built in Beijing in 2007 and hosts 91,000 seats. (

2. It is known for being earthquake-proof and consists of 110,000 tons of new grade steel. (

Professional Sports Revenue/Salaries

Professional sports are a very lucrative work life for many athletes. However, some sports certainly make more than others.

Here are surprising facts and figures about professional sports salaries.

List of Top-Earning Sports Inclusive

The Forbes 2020 list top 10 of highest-earning athletes go  as-is: (

  1. Roger Federer – Tennis – $106.3 Million
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer – $105 Million
  3. Lionel Messi – Soccer – $104 Million
  4. Neymar – Soccer- $95.5 Million
  5. Lebron James – Basketball – $88.2 Million
  6. Stephen Curry – Basketball – $74.4 Million
  7. Kevin Durant – Basketball – $63,9 Million
  8. Tiger Woods – Golf – $62.3 Million
  9. Kirk Cousins – Football – $60.5 Million
  10. Carson Wentz– Football – $59.1 Million
Figure 5 Forbes Top 10 List

Figure 5 Forbes Top 10 List (Source:

Men VS Women High Earners

  1. Naomi Osaka – Tennis – $37.4 Million
  2. Serena Williams – Tennis – $36 Million

That’s it. Two women in the Forbes 2020 List and not even close to the Top 10.  Both tennis means that women’s tennis is more advanced in gender equality than most of the other sports.

Sports Revenue Distribution

If you play college sports then you aren’t making anything. Unless of course, you are the coach of a power five football team.

All salaries are in millions (

  1. Kevin Sumlin for U. Arizona Football makes $3.5 in salary.
  2. Herm Edwards for Arizona State Football makes $3.5 in salary.
  3. Justin Wilcox for Cal Football makes $3.05 in salary.
  4. Karl Dorrel for Colorado Football makes $3.2 in salary.
  5. Mario Cristobal for Oregon Football makes $2.7 in salary.

Agents and Companies

The payout for a sports agent isn’t so bad either. Here are the top five earners. (

  1. Scott Boras, an agent who’s dominated baseball among others, made $100M.
  2. Constantin Dumitrascu works for Mondial Sports Management and made $89M.
  3. Jorge Mendes the third leading agent rang in $88M.
  4. Brothers Sam and Seth Levinson come in with $67M.
  5. Drew Rosenhaus who does a lot with the NFL made $65M.


Advertising for clothing, sports nutrition/drinks, workout gear, is a huge part of the marketing for sports and why the industry makes so much off of it.

1. Super Bowl 54 set a record of $435M in Ad-Game spending. (

2. Budweiser and similar products spent $25M upwards considering one, thirty-second commercial costs $5M. (

3. In 2020 Nike spent 3.59 Billion dollars. (

4. BodyArmor replaced Powerade (Coca Cola owned company) as the NCAA Championship official drink and sponsor in 2018.

Figure 6 Total Views For Online Superbowl Ads

Figure 6 Total Views For Online Superbowl Ads (Source:

Sports Medicine Facts

Athletics trainers and doctors serve a very important role in the sports world, but their salaries and facts may surprise you.

1. The median salary for athletic trainers is $54, 540. (bis,gov)

2. The NFL employs over 150 team physicians alone. (

Steroids In Sports Stats

PED’s or performance-enhancing drugs have been around for a long time and eventually were banned by WADA.

These are some of the major stats on sports drug use.

1. PED’s in the Olympics dates back to 1904. (

2. Anti-doping and testing didn’t even start until the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico. (

3. The World Anti-Doping Agency was founded in 1999 as the major body for regulating drugs in sports. (

4. EPO was an endurance drug believed to be widely taken by athletes in the 1990’s. (

Notable Doping Scandals

In the last decade,  these are the most well-known doping scandals. (

  1. Maria Sharapova – Tennis –- 2016
  2. Tyson Gay– Runner –- 2013
  3. Anderson Silva– UFC –- 2015
  4. Lance Armstrong- Cyclist –- 2013
  5. Alberto Contador- Cyclist –- 2012

Sports Nutrition Facts

1. Carbohydrates provide athletes with 40 to 50% of their energy levels (

2. Michael Phelps has a 12,000-calorie diet for all the working out he does. (

3. Chocolate milk is often recommended by a health professional for a post-workout drink because of its recovery benefits. (

Sports Drinks Facts

Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade have been long dominating the sports industry.

Here are the top sports drinks and their facts

1. Gatorade dominates the sports drink industry with a 72.1 market share. (

2. Powerade the second-leading drink is far behind in market shares at 16.1. (

3. Both drinks have found declines and sales as consumers look. (

Figure 7 Sports Drink Size Market

Figure 7 Sports Drink Size Market (Source:

Extreme Sports

Extreme sports have grown increasingly popular over the last decades.

Here are the most notable facts. ‘

1. In 1995 when ESPN hosted the first X-Games, extreme sports went from “being disruptive” to being well-liked. (

2. More than 72% of BASE jumpers have witnessed a death making it the most dangerous sport in the world. . (

3. Skateboarding was the first extreme sport invented in the US. (

Black History Sports Facts

Black history in sports has played an incredibly important role in civil rights and in people of color fighting for rights. Sports is what put people of color on an even playing field for once.

1. Debi Thomas was the first-ever Black athlete to win a medal at any Olympic Games as a figure skater. (

2. Mike Carey was the first African-American to referee a Superbowl Game in 2008. (

3. Bill Russel was the first African-American to coach an NBA team. That team was the Celtics. (

4. Jackie Robinson was the first Black baseball player in the MLB. (

Transgender Sports Facts

Transgenders in sports are becoming more widely accepted and have been an important part of recent history.

1. Chris Mosier is the first transgender man to represent Team USA in an international competition for triathlons. (

2. Megan Youngren became the first trans woman to qualify for the U.S Olympic Trials. (

3. The NCAA has its own rules and guidelines for the inclusion of transgender athletes in college sports. (

Figure 8 Chris Mosier

Figure 8 Chris Mosier (Source: