Philippine sports commission (PSC for short) came into being in 1990, as a new government sports agency of the Philippines aimed to strengthen the national sports structure.

The Rizal memorial sports complex (Tennis court) is located in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. It is a professional tennis court subordinate to the Philippine government. It was the practice field for the 2019 Philippine Sea Games. The Metal Bleacher Seating System was completed in 2017. A total of 1,578 seats were allocated. Among them, 1,420pcs Common seats adopt Avant model Vogue no backrest Bench seat, and 158pcs VIP seat adopt Coolin one-piece seating with backrest. In addition, according to the requirement of PSC, a customized armrest was designed for the VIP one-piece seating. After discussing with the PSC architects, customized riser height was designed, and an elevated first row was designed for the VIP stands so that all the spectators can have a very good view from the tennis court. The front rails with exits were designed in front of the common seats stands, to separate the spectators from the players, meanwhile to comply with the fire regulation in the Philippines. The color scheme of the bleacher seating came from the rainbow, and the warm and lively colors show that sports can bring infinite passion.

Venue: The Rizal memorial sports complex (Tennis court)

Location: Philippines

Seating System: Anly Bleacher

Seats 1: Vogue, 1420 pcs

Seats 2: Coolin I, 158 pcs

Completed in: Sep. 2017