Angu Wooden Bleachers


  • Reasonable structure, light weight, high-floor placement 、safe and reliable, wide range of use.
  • The pedal is made of wood and used indoors. The sound create during use is less than 50 decibels, and there is almost no noise in the room.
  • The seats are all made of wooden bar stools, which have a poor temperature-sensing effect on the wood, so that the audience donot feel cold when sit down.
  • More real and comfortable.
  • All parts are prefabricated in the factory, assembled on site, and are assembled buildings. All materials are recyclable.
  • Environmental Gymnasium Facilities.
  • Optional sofas, rugs, glass guardrails, and other options to meet customers’ individual functional requirements.
Technical dataAngu bleacher
First row height250mm
Last row heightDetermined by the number of rows
Step width800mm
Step height250mm
Guardrail height≥1100mm
Seat center distance457mm
Maximum number of rowsUnlimited
Material of main profileQ235 steel pipe
SeatInjection seat meets QB2601:2013
Wind load0.5kn/㎡
Implementation standardsEN Standard

Seat Options