Aneasy Temporary Grandstands


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor temporary stands such as outdoor sports fields, driving ranges, racing fields, racetracks, rally venues (rentable).
  • Light weight, low installation and maintenance costs, the stands can be used for arc-shaped and other shaped structures.
  • The number of rows is modular, 4 rows with a standard module, 4-28 rows.
  • Detachable assembly structure for disassembly and installation.
Technical dataAneasy bleacher
First row height330mm
Last row heightDetermined by the number of rows
Step width780mm
Step height333mm
Guardrail height≥1100mm
Seat center distance457mm
Maximum number of rowsUnlimited
Material of main profileQ235 steel pipe
SeatInjection seat meets QB2601:2013
Wind load0.35kn/㎡
Implementation standardsEN Standard

Seat Options