Anly High School Bleachers


  • The bottom structure of the stand is assembled and welded with H-shaped steel, and the surface is hot-galvanized.
  • the pedal is extruded from aluminum alloy, and the surface is anodized.
  • The back plate is rolled with 2.0 galvanized steel strip, and the surface is sprayed with outdoor powder.
  • The guardrail part is assembled and welded by Square and flat steel. The surface treatment is electro-galvanized + outdoor powder spraying;
  • Step width 764mm, 882mm (Coolin/ Diamond Fold), step height 250mm
  • Steel structure is more suitable for future development needs, good stability and seismic resistance
  • Bottom space can easily meet multifunctional rooms, offices, parking lots, etc.
Technical dataAnly bleacher
First row height250mm
Last row heightDetermined by the number of rows
Step width800mm
Step height250mm
Guardrail height≥1100mm
Seat center distance457mm
Maximum number of rowsUnlimited
Material of main profileQ235 steel pipe
SeatInjection seat meets QB2601:2013
Wind load0.5kn/㎡
Implementation standardsEN Standard

Seat Options