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Portable Bleachers

Portable Bleacher Manufacturer

AvantSeating has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality portable bleachers for several decades.

Our factory can design different mechanical structures for bleachers according to industrial standards. The portable bleachers are fabricated in the factory and then assembled on-site later. Compared with conventional outdoor bleachers, they are mobile, for they have wheels installed beneath the supporting structure.

We can also manufacture tip-n-roll bleachers, which is smaller and with few rows that can be operated by 2-3 workers

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AvantSeating Portable Bleachers Series

AvantSeating factory designs ICC Compliant bleachers. We have full-fledged quality management system like ISO 9001, from raw material to final products, every step is inspected by QC. We are committed to provide reliable bleachers that can stand up to harsh weather.

Portable Bleachers Rental

Portable Bleachers Rental

Bleacher rental business is popular. With mobile bleachers, prompters do not have to order this kind of spectator stand for each sports events

Portable Bleachers On Wheels

Portable Bleachers on Wheels

Designed on wheels, they can be towed by vehicle or a few people conveniently

Portable Bleachers For Sale

Portable Bleachers for Sale

Having standard bleachers in-stock can shorten the lead time, we are preparing diverse bleachers for oversea warehouses to facilitate the distribution locally.

Indoor Portable Bleachers On Wheels

Indoor Portable Bleachers on Wheels

indoor portable bleachers are often found in swimming pools, school gyms, arenas.

Portable Stadium Bleachers

Portable Stadium Bleachers

Stadium often see outdoor moving bleachers, with these portable stadium bleachers, you can easily adjust to a better viewpoint for a match

Portable Bleacher Seating

Portable Bleacher Seating

portable bleachers always come with plastic stadium seats, with backrest or without, portable bleacher seats are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which can be anti-UV, fire-resistant.

AvantSeating: Your Reliable Portable Bleacher Supplier

AvantSeating is a professional sports seating manufacturer in China, we specialize in stadium-related chairs and seating solution for 27 years. if you plan to refurbish a stadium, our talented engineers can not only support you with seating layout design but produce all kinds of seats that would probably be required by the stadium.

AvantSeating has a production line that focuses on transportable bleachers, which are fixed on wheels. There are 5, 10, 15-row models available, however, you can customize the size. While small portable bleachers, also known as tip-and-roll bleachers, can be towed by 1-2 workers, larger ones are towed by tractors or cars. Portable bleachers are often found in the rental business since they enable you to configure special events temporarily, these mobile bleachers can be arranged to serve one stadium after another, sometimes, it is not really necessary to have fixed stands built alongside the playground.

For many years, we have paid more attention to customer service. The metal bleachers are designed and manufactured in Avant factory, and then packed by parts to save delivery costs. We always prepare documents or videos to instruct the assembly. however, for larger projects, we can also send our technical supervisor abroad to support your projects on-site.

We possess a 140, 000 SQM industrial zone in the north of China, we have full capacity to handle the demand from large events, the factories are well managed by the ISO 9001 quality management system. workshops are equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, a stand-alone powder coating shop, sheet metal formation machines, and so on.

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Custom Portable Bleachers According to Your Standards

Outdoor Portable Bleachers

Outdoor Portable Bleachers

AvantSeating is an ODM/OEM factory of portable bleachers, we can design aluminum bleachers for various match events. 5, 10, 15-row are is available. For rows larger than 15, we adopt square steel or I-beam steel, refer to stadium stands.

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Movable Tip And Toll Bleachers

AvantSeating offers tip n roll bleachers, which commonly have less than 4 rows, they have wheels fixed at their rear side, workers can tip them backward without difficulty, and move the bleachers on wheels smoothly.

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Case Studies

Why Choose AvantSeating Portable Bleachers

AvantSeating portable bleachers are a kind of metal bleachers on wheels with aluminum planks, they are designed to accommodate spectators for athletic fields, gyms, arenas, or stadiums. Sometimes, plastic stadium chairs are fixed on the aluminum benches to offer a comfortable seating experience.

Our factory can produce all sizes and configurations of portable bleachers that can be used indoors and outdoors, from 2-row to 15-row. Standard length can be 14-foot, 19-foot, or 29-foot, however, you can customize the dimension according to your real demands.

We produce bleachers that are IBC 2012 & ICC Compliant, for safety consideration and the requirements of building codes, AvantSeating portable bleachers with rows larger than 5 often come with protective chain link or vertical picket guardrails

2 to 4-row portable bleachers are designed with wheels at the backside, which makes it more convenient to move and store by simple tip and roll, tip-n-roll bleachers are a classic seating solution for indoor gyms.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a solution for large-scale events, AvantSeating is also professional at gigantic football bleachers, baseball bleachers, or temporary grandstands, successful cases like F1 projects in Singapore, Korea Grand Prix Formula 1.

AvantSeating has been working on sports seating for 3 decades, We are ISO 9001 certificated plant, all of the products are fabricated with strength calculation approval by reputed third-party agencies.

Contact us with your detailed requirements, we will provide you with professional solutions within a few days.

Portable Bleachers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Many schools, organizations, and rental businesses face issues when arranging temporary seating for their events. The portable bleachers can serve multiple locations under one roof and are considered an ideal seating arrangement for major public announcements, parades, fairs, outdoor celebrations, community happenings, holiday gatherings, or other temporary (stand-alone) scheduled events.

If you plan to invest in portable bleachers for your next event, read this guide till the end.

Why Call Them Portable Bleachers?

The term “portable” refers to be easily moved or carried because of being a smaller and lighter version than usual.

So, portable bleachers are specially designed to endure movement-to one stadium after another––to fulfill temporary seating needs. It can provide tremendous flexibility when your venue is limited on space.

Two Different Styles of Portable Bleachers

Portable Bleachers include the ‘Transportable Bleachers Series,’ which are fixed on wheels, and the ‘Tip N’ Roll Series’ which is small in size, extremely portable, and rolled away for easy storage. Both present a great temporary seating solution.

The Transportable Bleacher Series

Transportable bleachers are available in standard sizes of 5, 10, 15-row models; however, you can customize the size according to your needs.

They are larger than the tip n’ roll series and can help you with auxiliary seating for bigger events. This versatile system requires a Transport Kit (sold separately) from the bleacher manufacturer, so you know the towing process you are using is right. However, you need to use your small tractors to move bleachers from one location to another.

Likewise, for 10 row and elevated units, you need to invest in a heavy-duty Transport Kit, which has a built-in hydraulic jack.

The Transportable Bleachers are large, so the understructure is made up of angle steel, square steel). For rows larger than 15, the bleachers have an I-beam steel understructure for added stability. However, aluminum bleachers larger than 15 aren’t movable, and we have transportable temporary grandstands to meet your temporary seating needs.

Figure 1 Transportable Bleacher

Figure 1 Transportable Bleacher

The Tip N’ Roll Portable Bleacher Series

Tip-n-roll bleachers are smaller; they commonly have less than 4 rows and offer a classic seating solution for your indoor gyms.

Their tread and bench are made up of lightweight aluminum planks, so they are usually called aluminum bleachers, easily liftable by 2-3 workers. Even it is called aluminum bleachers; their understructure (frame) is made of steel to support the load.

These bleachers have built-in wheels fixed at their rear side, so it is no difficult to tip them back and move the unit smoothly. You can tip these units easily on their swivel casters, which have brakes to keep it from moving when the unit is in storage.

Our “Tip N’ Roll” bleachers come with non-marring rubber foot pads, so you don’t need to worry about protecting your wood floors.


Figure 2 Tip N Roll Bleacher

What are the Advantages of Investing in Portable Bleachers?

Portable bleachers present a great solution for temporary seating arrangements.

If your seating area needs to be moved from one location to another, every time you arrange outdoor and special indoor events, investment in these units is beneficial.

Besides easy transportation, other advantages of portable bleachers include:

  • Temporary installation
  • Lightweight, yet solid––constructed with heavy-duty aluminum or steel
  • Design and size flexibility according to your requirements
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning
  • Less expensive
  • Comfort for patrons
  • Spectators can easily adjust to a better viewpoint
  • High quality at affordable prices

By not locking its users into a set configuration, these portable bleachers create the best possible custom seating layout options for each event as it arises.

What Is the Average Size of a Seat of Portable Bleachers?

The standard size of a single bleacher seat is 18 inches wide and 20 inches per chair with armrests.

Whereas the seat space is between 22 and 24 inches apart; however, you can customize it according to your needs and considering the industry standards.

How to Determine What Size of Portable Bleachers Your Facility Needs?

Available in lightweight aluminum and heavy-duty galvanized steel, standard lengths of portable bleachers range from 3 rows – 7’6″ long to 15 rows–40′ long.

To determine the size of portable bleachers your facility needs, first, you’ll need to consider the number of spectators you’re required to accommodate.

Suppose you need to seat 30 spectators but unable to determine the bleacher length for this capacity. In this situation, our engineers will compute whether a 3-row, 15-foot bleacher unit will be able to accommodate 30 spectators.

Step 1

Our calculation begins by converting the length of the bleacher that is 15feet, into inches. This conversion makes computation easier.

15 feet X 12 inches=180 inches

It means 15 ft is equal to 180 inches.

Step 2

By dividing total inches by 18, you’ll get the number of seats per row. As mentioned above, the Industry-standard for a single seat is 18 inches.

180/18=10 seats per row

Step 3

To compute the total seating capacity of portable bleachers, we multiply 10 to 3 (the total rows in a unit)

10 X 3=30 spectators

Hence, a 3-row-15-foot size bleacher system can easily accommodate 30 spectators.

Breakdown of Standard Portable Bleachers Sizes

Given the standard length of 15-foot, 19-foot, or 29-foot and the standard seating capacity of 25 seats to 200 seats, you can get all sizes and configurations for your indoor and outdoor events.

3-Tier Portable Bleachers

Length x Depth x Height(in)Seating CapacityWeight(lbs)
144” x 58” x 30-1/2”24163
180” x 58” x 30-1/2”30192
216” x 58” x 30-1/2”36242
252” x 58” x 30-1/2”42368

4-Tier Portable Bleachers

Length x Depth x Height(in)Seating CapacityWeight(lbs)
144” x 82” x 38”32172
180” x 82” x 38”40198
216” x 82” x 38”48264
252” x 82” x 38”56386

5-Tier Portable Bleachers

Length x Depth x Height(in)Seating CapacityWeight(lbs)
144” x 106” x 45-1/2”40178
180” x 106” x 45-1/2”50202
216” x 106” x 45-1/2”60274
252” x 106” x 45-1/2”70392

Multi-Tier Elevated Portable Bleachers

Elevated portable bleachers seating solution typically accompanies larger spectators, and you can get above 15 rows in size.

Length x Depth x Height(in)Seating CapacityAisles
600” x 232” x 126”3001
1200” x 232” x 126”6202

Tip and Roll Bleachers

The seating of these lightweight, portable tip and roll bleachers varies from 16 – 42 people and commonly have less than 4 rows.

2 -Tier Portable Bleachers

Length x Depth x Height(in)Seating CapacityWeight(lbs)
12” x 33” x 24-1/2”16143
15” x 106” x 45-1/2”20174
18” x 106” x 45-1/2”24198
21” x 106” x 45-1/2”28209

3 -Tier Portable Bleachers

Length x Depth x Height(in)Seating CapacityWeight(lbs)
12” x 59” x 29-1/2”24223
15” x 59” x 29-1/2”30272
18” x 59” x 29-1/2”36316
21” x 59” x 29-1/2”42368

Custom lengths are available in both transportable and tip-and-roll bleachers, in case you need to increase the seating capacity of your portable bleachers.

What Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing Portable Bleachers?

You’ll need to consider the following three factors that will help you find the right portable bleachers for your events.

#1 Budget

Budget is a significant factor in determining what type of bleachers you will invest in. However, you must understand why certain bleachers’ price is high than others so that you can make the right decision.

As a rule of thumb, you may want to purchase a unit that will cost a bit more upfront but is durable and will last longer, thus saving you from unnecessary repair costs long-term.

#2 The number of spectators you need to accommodate

The size of the portable bleacher you purchase depends on the number of people you wish to seat. For a larger bleacher system (over 15 rows), you’ll need to request customization.

#3 Need to purchase additional accessories

When buying portable bleachers, you’ll need to determine what accessories you can add to it to provide maximum benefit to your spectators.

  • Guards and Rails
    When purchasing a 5-row bleacher unit, you will want to add guards and rails around bleachers to protect your spectators.
  • Double Footboards & Risers
    These accessories will help prevent people from dropping items mistakenly under your bleachers.
  • Hitch & Wheel Kits or Tip & Roll Kit
    For 3-row to 15-row portable bleachers, you’ll need to invest in hitch and wheel kits.
  • Bleacher Defenders
    Bleacher defenders set your facility apart. You can cover your portable bleachers to provide shade many facilities do not have.

While buying portable bleachers, you will need to ensure the manufacturer’s quality standards, specifications, compliance with local building codes, and that the sport is viewable by every seat.

How Do You Portable Bleachers Ship?

The portable bleachers are delivered by sea in unassembled parts. Due to the standard length of these units, the understructure is packed in bundles of 3, the seat boards and footboards are packed in bundles of 5, and all hardware comes boxed.

What Standards Apply to Portable Bleachers?

Avant produces IBC 2012 & ICC Compliant portable bleachers that focus on the safety of spectators. Our bleachers have rows of more than 5 that come with protective guardrails and other features for safer seating of the public.

2012 IBC Requirements for Aluminum Bleachers

IBC Code Section 1003 – Guardrail (Section 1003.2.12)

Guards shall be located along open-sided walkways, sides of stairways, and landings¬– located more than 30 inches above the floor.

IBC Code Section 1004 – Aisles (Section 1004.3.1)

Aisles (a passage between rows of seats) shall be provided with exits in accordance with this section.


An aisle is not required if all of the following conditions exist:

  1. Seating is not restricted by guards.
  2. Seats are without backrests.
  3. Seat boards have a flat surface.
  4. The first seating board is not above 12 inches.
  5. The row spacing of the unit doesn’t exceed 28 inches.
  6. The rise from row to row doesn’t exceed 6 inches.

Make sure you get proper dimensions according to the standards.

Can You Move Portable Bleachers on a Public Road?

No, you cannot move portable aluminum bleachers on a public road or highway. These units are specifically designed to be transported around a single facility.

How to Ensure Safe Transport of Portable Bleachers between Your Property’s Venue Sites and Field Locations?

Portable bleachers can only be moved with the help of a special transportable tow kit that is used to relocate a set of bleachers (5-row to 10-row) between multiple locations.

The maximum recommended speed is 5 mph. All you need is a small tractor with a tow hitch.

The kit comprises wheels and an axle attachment. You just need to elevate the unit and insert the set of wheels. The rest of the process is actually very simple, and you can learn it from our guide book.

What Are Portable Folding Bleachers?

Portable folding bleachers, also known as ‘portable retractable seating system’ enables flexible solutions in several ways. This seating system has built-in gas springs that are easy to fold away manually.

Figure 3 Portable Retractable Bleachers

Figure 3 Portable Retractable Bleachers

Moreover, it is made of robust steel that provides you stable seating facility, and it also requires minimum storage space.

Watch the video above to understand more about Portable Retractable Seating Systems

How Much Do Portable Bleachers Cost?

The price of portable bleachers ranges between $100- $500 a seat.

However, the price is determined by many factors such as the unit’s overall size, the average space between spectator seats, length of the bleacher (depends on the number of rows), accessories you required, and types of seats you need to install.

Furthermore, the price of a portable bleacher can go $1000 a seat, in case you choose to install VIP seating with armrests.

How Can You Make Portable Bleachers More Comfortable?

The simple solution is cushions for your back and bottom support; however, our stadium seats offer added back and bottom support for your spectators. They come in many designs, shapes, and sizes, and even provide expanding armrests, snack pockets, cup holders for your favorite beverage, and some recline.

What Type of Floor is best to Accommodate Portable Bleachers?

As long as you have a hard floor to accommodate portable bleachers, they will provide an ideal seating solution for your events.

Hard floors such as Concrete cement floors, Sports floor, Marble floor, PVC, and Parquet floor can best accommodate all portable bleacher seating.

How to Protect Flooring from Scratches and Other Damage Associated With Portable Bleachers?

Tip and roll bleachers set on swivel caster that incorporates non-marring (rubber footpad) wheels for floor protection, so they won’t damage your flooring.

Transportable bleachers set on a wheeled Transport Kit for safe movement around the field. The kit hooks up to a standard tow hitch; thus, ensuring secure portability without damaging your floor.

Figure 4 Rubber Footpads

Figure 4 Rubber Footpads

Can You Rent Portable Bleachers for Your Upcoming Event?

Yes, you can easily rent portable bleachers for fairs, carnivals, and other special events. Whether you need a temporary seating arrangement for one-day or an extended period, these rented units are a top-notch seating option when you cannot afford to invest in brand new units.

Is It Safe for You to Use Rented Portable Bleachers?

Yes, after every use, bleacher planking and all its components are washed with aluminum cleaner and stored inside our warehouse, which prolongs the life and quality of these portable bleachers very close to a new quality.

What are the Key Factors to Check When Inspecting Portable Aluminum Bleachers?

To ensure your audience’s safety, you are recommended to inspect the system every quarter and make repairs immediately.

Customers Checklist of Portable Bleacher Safety Guidelines

  • Check if any missing components assist in access; aisles and handrails
  • Check if guardrails and footboards are secure and free of damage
  • Check non-skid surfaces
  • Check if there are any sharp edges on bleachers, seats, or other areas

In addition, a professional engineer should inspect bleachers every two years.

What Preventive Measures Should You Adopt to Ensure Safety of Your Portable Bleachers From Theft?

There’s no doubt that portable bleachers are more prone to theft because of its quality of being lightweight and easily movable. But there are several preventative measures that you can adopt to prevent the theft of these units.

Keep the Area Well Lit

Most crimes indeed occur during the night-time. Also, these shiny metal portable bleachers look tempting to night thieves who roam around with the right tools to pull off the heist.

The best practice is to keep your units under the bright lights so thieves couldn’t attempt to steal it.

Engravings and Markings

Once you set-up portable bleachers, the first thing you must do is to put marks over it (about the origin of metal), post warnings signs or you can engrave your organization’s logo in numerous locations on the units to deter theft.

This way, it becomes easy for recycling centers to recognize if the item is stolen; thus unacceptable for them.

Report the Police

In the event of a theft, inform the police immediately. Moreover, you can report the incident on a national website ScrapTheftAlert.com where a network of scrap dealers and recycling companies get notified about theft.

What Impact Does Weather Have on Your Portable Bleachers?

It’s true that changing environmental conditions affects portable aluminum bleachers and causes the walkways to get wet, especially stairways and other flat areas. Therefore, to protect your units from the damp floor, you can always increase its slip resistance.

Furthermore, make sure the company you’re buying units uses slip-resistant materials and conducts SCOF testing of their bleacher’s walkways so that you feel confident that the bleachers installed are safe.

National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) set a standard for Static Coefficient of Friction testing (SCOF) for aluminum bleachers.

At Avant, our engineers believe that portable aluminum bleachers comply with all NFSI requirements to ensure your spectators’ safety and increase the lifespan of the system.

Can You Make Your Existing Bleachers Portable?

Yes, if your facility did not have a portable bleacher system, we can quickly retrofit your existing units into a safe movable seating system.

This conversion of existing bleachers to portable bleacher systems involves towing kits; a wheel, tongue kit, and a bracing kit.

Can We Manufacture Ada Compliant Portable Bleachers with Wheelchair Spaces?

Standard portable bleachers do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards, so your request for ADA-compliant units (with wheelchair spaces and companion seating) will require customization.

Avant Building ADA Compliant Portable Bleachers

  • The walkways have slip-resistant coating so wheelchairs can safely pass through it.
  • The stairway has handrails on both sides so that disabled people can easily pass it leading up to bleachers.

We hope this informative guide will help you make the right choice.

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