Gurgaon is a city close to Delhi, especially Delhi Airport, and one of the most modern cities in India. Orana Convention Centre undertakes many different events for meetings and banquets. The conference hall often switches between seats with or without seats and between seats of different sizes. To improve efficiency, the boss decided to buy event stands. They had 3 requests:

  1. Meet the leading standards as much as possible. They believe that the more they meet the leading standards, the better the stability of the product.
  2. The front seat must have armrests.
  3. The grandstand can enter and exit a two-meter wide door.

Because the visa of our installation engineer was rejected, the final customer installed the stand according to the simple installation instructions we gave. The installation has been running well. The client introduced a client to the leader. Happy to see our win-win relationship.

Venue: Orana Convention Centre

Location: Gurgaon, India

Seating System: Telescopic Seating

Seats: Padded Kook, 423 pcs

Completed in: 2017