In Czech Republic and other European countries, O² Area is a very famous arena for them. Many famous sports completions and high level concerts, performances were held here. Our project O² Universum is next to O² Arena, belonged and operated by the same team.

Avant Sports was charged for providing 3980 bleacher and seats for this arena. Although it is just around 4000 seats, it is one of the most complicated arena in the world.

1. The biggest challenge: to create two biggest entrances (Width: 5300mm, Height: 4000mm) under the telescopic seating system.

The 4 sides of area are totally full of telescopic seating system. No big concrete entrance provided. Clients suggested this requirement as they wanted vehicles cen get through the entrances to the center of area to transport products.

Above the entrances are seats for telescopic seating system without any support from the entrance area. So the loading of the seats becomes the biggest problem. If it is a fixed metal bleacher, the loading of the seats are no problem at all. But they are retractable system. The seats are above more than 4m height, and no directly supports from entrance at all. The seats above entrances is the weakest points of whole seating system.

How to solve this biggest problem and ensure the safety of the telescopic?

1. After confirm the solution, clients and us made structural calculation for this telescopic and got the approve from architects association. Then samples produced and 5KN/㎡loading test held at factory before formal production. Finally 5KN/㎡loading test passed at the O² Universum after finishing installation. We did it together!

2. The second challenge is complicated and quick 7 types of multifunctional variations, including basketball mode, floor ball mode, 4 types of congress mode, and performance mode.

To make these variations come true, the retractable seating needs to be equipped types of complicated partial closing and permitting sections can be alone used. What’s more, the portable telescopic should be easily moved out of the arena. It is not easy job as the portable telescopic is too high, and entrance is not high enough. But we worked out it finally.

3. Countless complicated of customized specification, like special kinds of row riser, row depth, and section width, special seat size, seat fabric and foam, particular fire resistant of decking, several different seat brackets, hand rails, dollies to transfer rails, unique of aisles, sockets of rails, block parts of seats, etc. No project has more customized parts more than this project. It increased our work dramatically.

There are more difficulties for this project. It took more than 3 years to finish this project finally. Both clients and our company spent too much time and the biggest efforts to make all the functional come true. The tirelessly communication can be wrote as a long and thick book. The files of this project is more than 60G.

We appreciated for owner, operation team and client understand of this complicated project, and provided enough time to finish it. Thanks for their time to confirm every details tirelessly, and proposal solutions when we meet difficulties.

O² Universum is the best witness to see all sides hard work.

Venue: O2 Universum Arena

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Total number: 3980 seats for basketball.

Seating System 1: Telescopic Seating

Seat 1: Hishine, 2221 pcs

Seating System 2: Fixed Seating

Seat 2: Hishine, 1187 pcs

Seating System 1: Metal bleacher

Seat 1: Hishine, 572 pcs

Completed in: Sep, 2020