Macau University of Science and Technology, or MUST for short, is the first international comprehensive research university established after Macau’s return to China and the first university in Macau to enter the top 300 in the world.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to China, President Xi Jinping plans to visit MUST. We provide one-stop packaging services from design, production, and installation to the new Art Theater in Block R of MUST.

Design highlights:

Due to the limitation of the floor height, in order to maximize the seating capacity, a double row telescopic system and 1st row hanging seat were designed. The seat style Hishine is a fully upholstered self-lifting seat. Hishine VIP was set up in the central area of the telescopic bleacher. The functional partition requirements of the ordinary seats and VIP seats are realized. The tilt lever was adopted to manually fold down the seat from the rear of the seat, and the seat was equipped with air cushion springs so that the seat can be quickly and uniformly released, which is safe and efficient. The customized step height was designed to make the last row of the telescopic system flush with the second floor, and realize the connection between the 1.8-wide channel in the middle of the telescopic system and the on-site cantilever beam, thus to meet the strict fire protection requirements of Macau. The grandstand system aisles are equipped with LED lights, and the seat was equipped with all fluorescent seating numbers for spectators safe and quickly finding their seats. Auxiliary support was increased and customized column support of the last row was designed to comply with EN13200 5KN per square meter loading test and to make the spectators walk as if on the ground.


We delivered the products to the site within 40 days


We dispatched an installation engineering team with rich installation experiences, totaling 8 people. Workaround the clock with the main contract to successfully complete the installation within the specified limited time

Venue: MACAU University of Science & Technology

Location: Macau China

Seating System: Telescopic Seating

Seats: Hishine, 2600 pcs

Completed in: 2018