Lebanon school is in Doha city, the Kids in the school study very happy. What the school focuses on is not only teaching the knowledge but also training sports.

Normally the seating system is used for some special events and festivals. Such as mother’s day, there will be some performance, dancing, singing, speech, etc by the lovely kids.

The retractable seating we supplied for this school is a movable seating system with electronic control. Because of 15 rows, the seating is very heavy to move, we have to use 4 pcs manual forklifts for moving. The seat model is plastic named vogue, the backrest makes the spectators comfortable.

During the installation, our supervisor stayed with the installation team for guidance, and teach them how to operate and maintain the seating. Actually, for each project, we will send the supervisor to the site, not only for the installation but also for the operation and maintenance.

Venue: Lebanon school

Location: Doha, Qatar

Seating System: Retractable Seating

Seats: Vogue with backrest, 700 pcs

Completed in: 2016