With a temperature that ranges from -13 to -48 degrees Fahrenheit as the coldest reported temperature in a football game, it’s difficult to cheer for your favorite team when you’re feeling frozen.

Most bleachers are made of aluminum because of their durability to withstand temperatures and seasons compared to wooden bleachers.

In freezing conditions, it’s important if you know how to battle against cold temperatures and keep yourself warm and cozy during a game.

Dress According to Coldness

Before you head to the stadium, ensure that you have watched and read the latest news about the weather forecast.

By then, you will know how many layers of clothing you’ll wear.

Although people have a natural body heat, yet it’s still important to know how much you can tolerate the coldness.

For example, a pair of mittens is used to keep your hands warm, rather than using a handful of gloves.

As for the feet, you can wear athletic socks because they easily absorb the moisture and layer them with wool socks for warmer feet.

Bring Hand Warmers and Seat Cushions

In consideration for their fans, most teams permit them to bring seat backs, which they can put at the back of the aluminum bleachers and cover themselves with a blanket.

At the same time, they should bring hand warmers, so they can feel maximum warmth.

Some fans are bringing their creativity to the next level, such as designing their favorite team’s logo on their seat cushions and blankets.

Cheer Actively for your Favorite Team

Although this may sound simple, yet you need to move your body actively, move around, and shout for your favorite team.

When you do these minimal physical activities, it would help to keep your body warm and to trick your mind that the temperature is getting warmer.

This always happens when your team had hit a game-winning touchdown or when you’re booing another team.

Being Prepared In All Condition

One of the most unfortunate things that may happen when watching sports is during winter.

Some games continue to let the action happen even during the verge of coldness, while some games prefer to cancel it.

If you know how the condition is before you go to the game, you must prepare all the essentials to keep you warm.

Such essentials are warm foods and drinks, thick clothing, and comfortable seat cushion. There’s nothing more fun than to sit back and relax into a game you love watching.

Bring a Thermo and Warm Foods

If you want to stay warm, you should bring foods and drinks that could warm your body.

Of course, in a football game, everyone wants to have good popcorn and soda, but this could be uncomfortable during winter.

If you want to enjoy the game, you must bring a Thermo filled with hot chocolate or coffee, then you must couple it with hot soup.

By intaking warm foods, it will not only keep you warm, but also will keep your focus on the game.

Be Vigilant of Hypothermia Signs

Hypothermia is a medical term that describes how your body abnormally adapting a low-body temperature below 96 degrees. This is caused by staying in cold places that may affect your body temperature to lower down. When a person has hyperthermia, it could paralyze the person’s ability to think clearly or to move. The dangerous signs of hyperthermia might include irregular heartbeat and freezing that could sadly result in death.

How To Survive A Snowy Game Watching

How to Survive A Snowy Game-Watching?

Every sports spectator can only complain about the weather during winter and as anyone would know, football games are supposed to be the hottest games because you’ll be staying in a summer-filled stadium. However, seasons change, so is the temperature dwindles. Here are some smart ways to survive a snowy game-watching:

Never Get a Cold Feet

One of the safest things to do is to never get cold feet, which may result in more than 2 poor insulations. Getting 2 cold feet has a major offense, such as restricting your blood circulation that results in conduction to the ground. When the weather is cold, you have to wear warm boots and a layer of socks. It could also help if there’s a thick insole to add to the warmness. Internally, it could help regulate your body’s blood flow. If you don’t have enough insulation in your boots, then it will prevent conductive heat loss.

Stay Hydrated

The water seemed to be the most overlooked thing we always fail to comply with. If you’re hydrated, you’ll feel a warm sensation in your body. At the same time, your stomach will normally digest all the foods that you intake. Additionally, you’ll have to eat foods with sugar and carbs, which can instantly give your body a heat rash. Some people are drinking a mug of hot coffee or chocolate.

Never Expose Your Legs

One of the most prone to sensitive parts of our body, still there’s a higher percentage that you can lose a lot of heat. You’ll have to take note that you’ll also need protection from your torso to your feet. To allow a good flow of blood circulation, you’ll need to put on layers of clothing to also protect you from strong wind and insulation. Perhaps you should wear long, wool pants with nylon rain pants to layer.

Handle the External Heat

Feeling too much coldness is just the same feeling like too much hotness, so you have to maximize the layering of your clothes. Never use chemically-produced hand warmers because they can leave a burning mark on your skin when it gets too hot or cold. If you want to use hand warmers, then be specific in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the hand warmer’s materials because it might help you get through a long, hard winter.

Warm the Bench

During winter, you have to master anything about conductive heat loss, because that’s the only thing that you have to combat against. Sitting on a cold bleacher is just the same as sitting on a block of ice. To perfect the laws against conductive heat loss, you’ll have to insulate your ears by wearing earmuffs, a thick blanket, or anything helpful to increase your body temperature. Another effective way is to get a cardboard concession drink holder that you can sit on because it serves as a protective barrier.

Jump and Stay Active

Moving your body during the game can only make you sweat, compared to the times that you’re behaving. Staying active during the game can help you release sweat and body warmth. This would only happen if you see your favorite team running towards the goal or if you are disputing the other team’s score. Either way, these physical activities will fuel up your body that might generate more heat.

What To Wear In The Bleachers During Winter

What to Wear in the Bleachers During Winter?

The ultimate goal during the winter season is to stay warm while enjoying the game. In the first few games, you’ll find yourself melting if you don’t know how to manage yourself in the bleachers. As the temperature drops, you might start to wonder if you’ll stay in the game or just sit on your couch at home. Since sitting in a cold bleacher is quite challenging, some things are meant to be prevented when you wear these things:

Layer the Right Clothes

The fundamental method of staying warm is to layer the right clothes. For the first layer, you’ll have to wear a light-fabric shirt, and on the next layer, you’ll have to wear a long-sleeved shirt. Some people are wearing long johns underneath their jeans. However, it might be more effective if you’ll don snow pants because it absorbs moisture and helps you stay warm.

Hats and Gloves

When the temperature drops to its freezing point during the winter and fall seasons, it’s better something that keeps your body heat temperature in. Aside from that, it could add up to your fashion style if you’ll add a hat and gloves. But what matters most is the kind of materials hats and gloves are made of. The most considerable material is either fur-lined or wool, which helps to add warmth to your body. Even if you attempt to warm your fingers, still it won’t be effective without a pair of glove. If the temperature drops, then you’ll have to wear a thicker layer of gloves.

Blanket and Scarf

Your winter fashion wouldn’t be complete without wearing a scarf. A scarf will protect your throat and prevent tonsillitis. When you’re in the game, it’s unavoidable to shout and scream for your favorite team. But to keep your intact even after the game, then the scarf would do the trick. On the other hand, provide yourself a warm blanket, where you can wrap your legs or whole body in it. This is just to prevent chilling effects on your body.


Staying warm in the bleachers is a challenge, however, if you want to keep up with your favorite game, you’ll find more ways.

Generally, if you want to stay warm, you just need to be updated on the weather details before going out and be creative enough to keep your body warm so you can give your full focus watching the game.