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Outdoor High School Bleacher With Plastic Seats

High School Bleacher Manufacturer

AvantSeating is a leading high school bleacher manufacturer.

We can produce and install high capacity indoor or outdoor bleachers for high school stadiums. they are commonly made of angle frame steel with hot-dip galvanization finish which can last more than 50 years.

We can also manufacture elevated bleachers according to the requirements of sports venues in high schools

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AvantSeating High School Bleachers Advantages

AvantSeating factory is well organized by the ISO 9001 quality management system, all of the manufacturing processes strictly follows standards of procedure(SoP). Furthermore, the workshop boasts many the state of the art automatic machines, such as welding robots, CNC bending machines, cooperate with AvantSeating, you can then rest assured to get high-quality products

Robotic Arm Welding Machine

Robotic Welding Machine

The automatic welding process is CNC-controlled, which supplants the labor force. This ensures production quality.

Sheetmetal Bending Machine

Bending Machine

Hydraulic bending machine performance stably and efficiently.

Blow Molding Machine For Plastic Stadium Seats

Blow Molding Equipments

With plastic molding machines, AvantSeating can produce 30 000 seats per month for high school bleachers

Powder Coating Production Line

Powder Coating Line

AvantSeating has two powder in-house production line for powder coating, this facilitates quality control.

Sheetmetal Rolling Line

Sheetmetal Formation

The formation of rearboard is done by this production line.

Durability Testing

Durability Testing

each newly developed seats will be tested 10000 times, this testing lasts about two months

AvantSeating: Your Best High School Bleacher Supplier

AvantSeating has been dedicated to manufacturing high quality sports seating for almost 30 years. We are capable of providing a one-stop seating solution for sports venues, such as stadium, arena, gymnasiums, and tracks.

AvantSeating can produce all kinds of indoor bleachers and outdoor bleachers, which can be used in the high school playground, such as, gym, basketball court, football field. The production lines vary from small aluminum bleachers to high capacity metal bleachers, e.g. grandstands.

Over decades, We have designed and installed hundreds of bleacher projects throughout the world. We have nurtured a team of engineers who are experienced and in charge of technical supports. no matter you are a designer, contractor, proprietor, or even distributor, we can freely a design seating layout for you according to your drawings.

With ISO 9001 certificated factory, your order will be under strict inspection from raw material to final products. for examples, as for raw materials, we only procure HDPE from Sinopec, a reliable and reputed supplier in China, their supply is stable in quality and abundant in quantity.

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Custom High School Bleachers to Meet Your Standards

High School Football Bleachers

High School Football Bleachers

The size and capacity of high school football bleachers are customized according to specific requirements, it can be with plastic seats or just bare aluminum planks.

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Baseball Field Bleachers

Baseball Field Bleachers

Baseball field bleachers often accommodate huge spectators, so they are designed with I-beam steel, this type of steel is robust enough to support double layers bleachers as the picture mentions.

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Basketball Court Bleachers

Basketball Court Bleachers

Basketball court bleachers are often retractable bleachers, which are telescopic so as to give way to games that require larger space in gyms

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Case Studies

Why Choose AvantSeating High School Bleachers

AvantSeating high school bleachers, a kind of high capacity metal bleacher, are used as spectator stands in various playgrounds. Since 1994, AvantSeating has been producing sports seating in line with the standards of this profession.

Its underside supporting structure can be angle frame steel or I-beam steel which is far more strong to support gigantic bleacher, popularly known as grandstands. All of its steel parts are treated by hot-dip galvanization so that it can last decades without erosion.

AvantSeating can design and manufacture all kinds of bleachers, large and small, such as 2-row aluminum bleachers, tip and roll bleachers, retractable bleachers, elevated bleachers.

Our accomplished engineers can help you design the CAD drawing in the early phase of your projects. Whether you are a designer, Schoolmaster, contractor, or distributor, we can walk you through complicated industrial codes, and end up with eligible products.

Aluminum planks aside, we also produce several series stadium chairs that can be fixed onto bleachers, such as Vogue series, Shine series, and more.

AvantSeating high school bleachers are usually fabricated for playgrounds in high schools, however, it can be apply to many other similar sports venues as spectator platform, say, football field, basketball court, beach volleyball, hockey field.

AvantSeating can manufacture approximate 30 000-seat high school bleacher within 1 month, We have an immense industrial park in Shandong province, north of China. You will never suffer from a production delay due to manufacturing capacity.

AvantSeating is the eligible seating supplier of

we have got plenty of criteria such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS, SGS, TUV, as well as lots of testing reports required by industrial standards. your order will be supervised by rigorous quality management system.

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High School Bleachers – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The popularity of football, baseball, and other sports activities in High Schools makes the bleacher seating system a necessity. Bleachers are probably the best way to accommodate sports fans like you who enjoy watching game with the comfort. If you plan to invest in High School Bleachers for your sports stadium, read this guide till the end.

What is Rise Height & How Tall Are High School Bleachers?

Rise Height is the vertical measurement of the bleacher––measured from the top of one seat to the top of the seat in the next row.

The standard first-row height is 250mm from the ground. Whereas, the total height of bleachers is determined by the number of rows (that can be unlimited).
Generally, an average person takes 18” of space on a bleacher seat––that is the industry standard.

How Wide Is A Bleacher Seat?

Standard aluminum bleacher seat width is 18″.  However, you can customize it as per your specific needs.

How to Compute Bleacher Capacity?

There are some accepted parameters for computing the bleachers capacity. To begin with, we take the total number of rows that you required. Next, we establish the length of each bleacher.

To find the bleachers gross seating capacity, we divide the length of the unit by 18” and then multiply the number by total rows in the unit. We take 18” as a standard bleacher seat width; however, it depends on your seating customization needs.

Here’s the formula for computing net seating:

Net seating= Gross seating-Seating lost due to handicap and aisles (non-seating area)

While establishing the High School Bleachers capacity, the key consideration is the seating space allotted to an average attendee.

For this, we’ll need to estimate the spectator mix. On average, how many mature adults you’ll need to accommodate on bleachers? What will be the percentage of kids?

Answer these questions successfully so that you’ll know the actual seating capacity at your High School Football stadium.

Which Types Of Bleachers Are Best For High School Football Stadium?

Avant offers an extensive collection of high school bleachers––with a different design, rise, and run.
All our bleachers are built as per clients demand. You can order stationery bleacher systems, tip-n-roll bleacher systems, elevated and non-elevated bleacher systems.

Figure 1 Portable Bleachers

Figure 1 Portable Bleachers

Figure 2 Elevated Bleachers

Figure 2 Elevated Bleachers

The type of bleacher you will require depends on the venue’s size, number of people to accommodate, and many other factors.

What Factors To consider when you’re Buying High School Bleachers?

You’ll want to consider five main factors that will help you identify the best bleachers for your high school stadium.

1. Your Budget

The first thing you’ll need to consider when purchasing bleachers is your budget. However, it’s important to learn why the cost of certain bleachers are high than others so that you can make a good decision.

A high-quality bleacher will cost more upfront but you will not need to repair or replace it every few years, thus saving you money long-term.

2. The Number of People You Would Want To Accommodate

The size of the bleacher you’ll need depends on the number of spectators to accommodate.

Provide Avast with your seating requirement to help determine the size of bleacher required for your high school stadium.

3. The Quality of Bleacher Required

To determine the quality of bleachers, you must consider the strength of framing, seat plank profile, and warranty period. Do your research before investing.

4. Accessories, If Necessary

When buying bleachers you should determine what accessories are essentials to add to it so you provide maximum benefit to the spectators. Accessories include guards and rails, double footboards & risers, bleacher defenders, and bleacher wrap.

5. ADA Compliant Bleachers

All bleachers should be ADA compliant. It means that it should have wheelchair access and complies with all other regulations of the American with Disability Act of 1990.

How Much Do High School Bleachers Cost?

The cost of bleachers will vary, depending on the style of seating you choose. Bleacher seating can range somewhere between $100 to $500. However, if you decide to add some additional features, the pricing will increase.

Additional features include:

  • Accessible ramps
  • Aisle with handrails
  • Vertical picket guardrail
  • Entry stairs
  • Powder-coated seat

Of course, upgrades are highly recommended and that will improve the appearance of your high school football stadium.

What Seating Color Options And Layout Patterns Are Available?

Avant can make whatever colors the client wants–– Black, Light Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, and much more.

The color is designed together with the layout and seating pattern. For more details, do check out our stadium seating series.

How Safe Are High School Bleachers?

Avant follows these rules to ensure the safety of its bleachers.

  • All bleachers have adequate guardrails welded by square and flat steel.
  • Aisles have non-skid surfaces.
  • Handrail support in bleachers to assist the audience in climbing up/downstairs.

All bleachers are built as per industry standards and client’s needs; therefore, you must accommodate the number of people bleachers can safely handle.

Figure 3 Bleachers With Handrails, Guardrails, And Aisle

What Safety Precautions Should You Take Into Account For New Or Existing Bleachers?

Most bleacher-related injuries occur due to inadequate guardrails, installation issues, design flaws, or lack of maintenance. When bleachers get installed in your stadium, ask your staff to inspect it properly, so issues get resolved before any accident.
You must ask your staff to inspect bleachers at least quarterly and by a licensed design professional annually or every two years. During the inspection, you should:

  • Make sure that end caps and footboards are in place
  • Ensure that handrails and guardrails are damage-free
  • Look for structural damage; rust, missing fittings, or cracks
  • Inspect all supports properly

How Can You Make Bleachers More Comfortable?

Bleachers are suitable for all sizes and shapes of people. Regardless of the material, bleachers are only comfortable for an hour or two, but if your game continues long, it is advisable to put cushions for your back and bum support to make bleacher seating more comfortable.

Don’t get the wrong idea; Avant High School Bleachers are ADA Compliant. You will get Press Boxes on top of Bleachers to observe the entire game, Closets under Bleachers, Canopy for All Seats, and anything you would like to customize as per the industry standards.

What Type Of Floor Is Best To Accommodate Bleachers?

Hard floors such as concrete cement floors, marble floor, parquet, PVC floor, and sports floor can best accommodate bleachers–– all are strong enough to support massive bleacher seating systems. However, you should test the ground conditions before installing bleachers.

Testing Soil Conditions

A soil load-bearing volume, as per the industry standard regulations, is between 2,500 and 3,000.

When building bleachers, it’s important to have your soil tested. This understanding of the soil determines that your ground is able to withstand the force of the bleachers.

How Much Do Bleachers Weigh?

Bleachers weight depends on the number of rows required by the customer – it can weigh several hundred pounds.

The customer will first need to determine the number of seats they needed. We pair that number with our bleacher designs to compute bleachers’ total weight.

3 Row Bleachers


4 Row Bleachers


5 Row Bleachers


8 Row Bleachers


10 Row Bleachers


What Is the Difference Between “Elevated Bleachers” And “Non-Elevated Bleachers”?

High school bleachers are available in a variety of different materials, styles, and configurations.
If you’ve been researching bleachers, you’ve probably come across the terms elevated and non-elevated that describe bleacher configurations.
What do these terms mean?
Elevated bleachers have stairs, which means your feet are flush with the deck when you sit in the first row––comes at the same height as the elevated walkway.

Conversely, non-elevated bleachers require no additional walkways. It means when spectator sits on the first row–––feet flush with the ground.

Typically speaking, non-elevated bleachers are smaller in size and more versatile.

What Should You Do To Make Your Bleachers More Accessible For Those With Disabilities?

The ADA requires the manufacturing of bleachers in a way accessible to disable people so they can enjoy equal access to entertainment.


Avast design ramps to provide adequate space to people in wheelchairs. We equipped ramps with a slip-resistant coating so that wheelchairs pass through safely.

Figure 4 Ramps

Figure 4 Ramps

Hand Rails

Stairs have a non-slip surface with properly installed handrails on both sides of the stairway. Those with prosthetic limbs can easily pass stairways leading up to bleacher seating.

Figure 5 Hand Rails

Figure 5 Hand Rails

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