Falconer Music Hall is a concert hall with a history of more than 70 years. Nearly all superstars from all over the world have performed concerts here. Previously there were only concrete stands, but the owner hopes to realize the multi-functionality of the venue and more audience capacity through renovation. In the end, the owner bravely decided to dismantle some of the concrete stands and replace some of the originally fixed stands with movable stands and mobile seats. Finally, the seating capacity was increased to 2000. This project has some specially customized places such as the hollow part. The stairs can move forward and backward as the stands are folded. The 23 rows of stands will automatically rise and fall with the movement of the stands. The mobile Hishine feet in the front row are also customized, which can be fixed or placed directly on site. When the entire grandstand is unfolded, it looks almost the same as the previously fixed grandstand, but the seating capacity is greatly increased, and the most important thing is to realize the multifunctional use of the venue.

Venue: Falkoner Center

Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark

Seating System 1: Telescopic Seating

Seat: Hishine, 1042 pcs

Seating System 1: Fixed Seating

Seat: Hishine, 555 pcs

Seating System 1: Portable Seating

Seat: Hishine, 332 pcs

Completed in: 2019