ICC Compliant Bleacher Seating & Grandstands

  • 30 years’ experience in metal bleachers
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system
  • 67000 Seats, Korea Grand Prix Formula 1, Year 2009
  • 35000 Seats, F1 Singapore, Year 2014

As #1 bleacher seating manufacturer in China, Avant also distribute advanced bleacher seating systems throughout the world. Contact us now to get quotation with no obligation.

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Ango Series

Since 1994, Avant has been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality metal bleachers and grandstands. over two decades’ endeavor, the production lines are getting perfect. Now, we have 5 series of bleacher seatings. Ango series offers comprehensive solutions to small crowds, including aluminum benches with/without back, 2-15 rows aluminum bleachers, tip and roll bleachers, portable bleachers, substitute benches.

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Anly Series

Anly High school bleachers is a kind of high capacity bleachers set up at college sports fields, such as baseball, football, softball, swimming, and tennis.

Standard Anly series includes seats and a covered dais in the center, however, there are some additional features you can choose from

  • ADA Compliant Ramps
  • Aisle with Handrails
  • Vertical Picket Guardrail
  • Entry Stairs
  • Closets under Bleachers
  • Press Boxes on top of Bleachers
  • Canopy for All Seats

customized bleachers based on your requirements are also available.

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Angu Series

Angu® wooden bleachers adopt wooden flooring and benches to reduce its weight, and to cater to people who are seeking a nostalgic, classic feeling. They are only suggested to be used indoors. Compared with traditional aluminum bleachers, they make less noise when the audience are walking on it. Furthermore, the wooden benches are not as that cold as aluminum ones in freezing conditions, such as:

  • indoor ice hockey
  • indoor ice skating

Aisle with handrails are optional, tell us your detailed requests today to get an appropriate proposal and quotation

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Aneasy Series

Aneasy® Temporary grandstands could be the best choice if you are running a bleacher rental business, or for temporary solution to sporting events. This kind of grandstands can be assembled and disassembled within a few days. That make it possible to swing from one application to another.

F1 Singapore project, which has 35000 seats, exemplifies the convenience and feasibility.

Moreover, Avant has schemes for its storage and transportation, you can ask our sales representatives for specific scheme suitable to your project.

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Sundon Series

Sundon grandstands represent the most powerful bleacher seating system. The behemoth offers a huge capacity of stadium seating, and includes every functional option imaginable, such as press boxes, independent roofing and so on.

Double-layer grandstands, like Wuhan National Fitness Center in China, has spacious understructure, which allows for plenty of rooms, such as locker rooms, conference rooms, and even restrooms.

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Bleachers & Grandstands Design

No matter how considerate and rigorous we are when engineering the series of bleachers and grandstands for particular usages, the specific projects can not always be fulfilled with an existed design. so, tweak or overhaul follows.

When it comes to structure design, contractors are usually bewildered by the labyrinth of code requirements. Fortunately, Avant is engaged in grandstands design for almost 30 years, we will walk you through the maze efficiently.

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