Bjønnes stadion opened in 1954 as a sports field used for football at Myrene in Arendal. It reopened in September 2017, and the name was changed to Norac stadion.

The facility is owned by Arendal municipality and managed by Arendal Football. This football team plays in the OBOS league, as well as the teams of IK Grane in lower divisions and age-specific classes.

Norac Stadion uses Shine tip-up chairs for concrete bleachers. The chairs are made of PP, riser mounted with a good ability on anti-UV. The backrests are galvanized process.

For the severer cold regions, like Nordic countries, the low-temperature test is very important. Plastic seats need to work well in the cold winter. Our plastic seat passed -60℃ test according to BS EN13200-4:2006, and got a report from SGS. This city is close to the sea. The metal parts work in salt spray environmental whole. Our bracket parts passed IS0 9227-2012 and got Grade 10 result by SGS. That makes sure the brackets no problem for long time use.

Venue: Bjønnes stadion

Location: Arendal, Norway

Seating System: Stadium Seating

Seats: Shine, 2492 pcs

Completed in: 2017