St. Bernadette’s Roman Catholic (RC) Primary School is a community made up of talented and enthusiastic children, dedicated staff, a supportive governing body, and an extremely supportive parent body. It is located in London, UK.

The school wants to provide retractable seating to let the room can be multipurpose use. The upholstered bench with backrests in bright and vibrant purple is very suitable for such lovely children. The installation job was finished in May 2020.

Safety is the most important capacity of our products. First of all, the system fits the CE standard. Loading of decking is up to 5KN/㎡. The side rails and rear rail is 3KN/m. After opening the system, the voltage of the control system is only DC 24V which makes no potential safety hazard caused by any objective factors. Enough clear way, fire-resistant bench, and wide aisles are provided to meet fire protection requirements.

Avant sports’ mission is to provide high-quality sports facilities to the world to make people healthier and the world be better. The system will accompany generations of students to grow up.

Venue: Bernadette’s RC Primary School

Location: London, UK

Seating System: Telescopic Seating

Seats: Wooden Bench with Upholstery, 122 pcs

Completed in: May 2019