As one of the indoor multi-functional stadiums in Malaysia, Axiata Arena has the most seats among all indoor venues in Malaysia, with a maximum capacity of 16,000 seats, of which the retractable seating system is close to 3,000 seats. As the national stadium of Malaysia, Axiata Arena has hosted many international events, mainly including Commonwealth Games, Southeast Asian Games, Malaysia Open, Thomas Cup, World Badminton Championships, and so on.

Avant Seating company provides a retractable platform system with about 3,000 seats. Due to the height limitation of the venue, our company specially adopts a double-row design, which not only meets the needs of site height but also takes into account the number of seats. The seat part and the carpet decking part of the system meets the British fire protection standard BS 5852 No. 5 fire source, and the electrical system meets the European Union CE certification.

Venue: Axiata Arena (Putra Indoor Stadium)

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Seating System: Retractable Seating

Seats: Hishine, 3024 pcs

Completed in: Mar. 2017

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