Pacific Games is the small Olympic Games for the Pacific Islands, held every 4 years. The 15th National Games held Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Avant company provided 2,000 metal stands.

Anmei system is a patented product independently developed and designed by our company. The mainframe is a light steel structure with high overall strength. The overall safety performance of the stands meets European standards. The stand has passed the 5KN/M2 bearing test of EN13600-6, and at the same time, it can also meet the requirements of wind and earthquake resistance. It is suitable for outdoor systems with a scale of 20 rows or less. The stands can be added with stages, rostrums, awnings, high ceilings, etc. to meet the various functional needs of different stadiums. All components of the stand are prefabricated in the factory, assembled on-site, and the installation cycle is short

Venue: 2015 XV Pacific Games

Location: Australia

Seating System: Aluminum Bleachers

Seats: Vogue, 2800 pcs

Completed in: 2015