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As the market-leading stadium seating manufacturer, Avant Sport is experienced in seating solutions for almost 30 years.

We help you plan and design venue layout in its early stages, provide FIBA-certificated products, train your workers, avert potential troubles, and support your staff technically, ensure our seating systems will be performing well in the upcoming sporting events.

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Stadium Seating Solutions

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Gymnasium Bleachers, Telescopic Platforms and Other Retractable Seating

Multi-purpose facilities like gyms, auditoriums, convention centers, even some performing arts centers demand multiple, flexible seating configurations. Avant’s professionals can assist you in seating system design to meet the capacities and make the most of your facilities.

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Arena Seating, Plastic Stadium Seats, Soccer & Football Stadium Chairs,

Venues such as concrete stadiums, arenas, in which you do not have to alter the space to cater for different events, require fixed seating, which consists of chairs that are attached to the floor and are not portable. Avant seating has been dedicated to seating solutions for sporting venues, such grand project as Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium for the 2008 Olympics. Contact us now to estimate your projects!

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Stadium Stands, Portable Bleachers, Metal & Aluminum Bleachers

Racetracks, colleges, high schools, and some sporting arenas have seating needs for metal bleachers, which is of great benefit to contractors, since up to 90% of the construction works are processed in factory before you can assemble them on the spot in a few days. Moreover, Aneasy series, temporary grandstands, is rentable, reusable and recyclable.


Applications Stadiums

Stadium seating delivers not only comfortable experience, but also safety and reliability, which promoters must take into account when choosing correct sites.

Applications Arenas

The combination of retractable seating and fixed seating in Arenas can provide spectators with an uninterrupted view while they are watching a live sport

Applications Gymnasiums

Multi-use gyms are often used for basketball or physical education class. They have to alter their layout constantly. Retractable bleachers are the best choice.

Applications Tracks

Temporary grandstands are often applied to a racetrack for auto racing across a city, such as Formula E. these structures will be recycled for the next competition.

Applications Auditoriums

Both the telescopic seatings and fixed chairs can be applied to auditorium. Avant seats are manufactured in line with industrial standards and regulations.

Applications Performing Arts

Performing arts center seatings usually require chairs with upholstery to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

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Industry Credits

Since 1994, Avant Sports has set the standard in our industry. We have completed tens of thousands of projects both in domestic and abroad.

As a leading stadium seating supplier, Avant has been providing Olympic organizers with advanced sports seating system. eg. 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In 2019, Our 140,000 M2 industrial park in Shandong China was put into use, which is the biggest plant in seating profession. From that time on, we have been dominating the huge capacity of production lines in China, 10,000 seats per month.

  • Seating system supplier for Olympic venues
  • FIBA-certificated products
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system
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Engineering Professionals

57 accomplished engineers are ready to support your projects, 9 of them belong to the sales support team, which is responsible for project estimation and design every day, making sure you can get a professional reply within 3 workdays.

We are fully qualified for supplying large-scale sporting events worldwide. Apart from the 2008 Summer Olympics, held in Beijing China, Avant is also the stadium seating supplier of the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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