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Avant Sports Industrial Co.,Ltd

Focuse on R&D and manufacturing stadium seats in 20 years

To be the most professional sports facilities manufacturer in the world


Avant Sports Industrial Co,Ltd.


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Peru Lima American Games COSAPI- VIDENA 2019 Peru Pan American Games 2018 Jakarta Asian Games basketball stadium 2017 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia Putra Indoor Stadium Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Games Korean-Formula 1 World Championship Denmark sports venue stands Czech Republic O2 Arena Denmark Falconer Music Hall Australia Hills Grammar School Mullum Mullum Stadium William Clarke College St Laurence College Australia High School Catholic Ladies College St Columba Anglican School Australia Murumba Dow Theater Trinidad and Tobago Citizen Center New Zealand Theater Project Danmark Basketball Arena Sports Center in Peru Indonesia Performing Arts Centers Norway Soccer Stadium Thailand BGFC stadium New Zealand Football Court Southeast Asian Game Thailand SHT Stadium Jakarta–Palembang Asian Games Indonesia Tennis Court Cambodia National Swimming Pool Happy Valley center Arena Tai Wan-Taiwanese puppetry outdoor Arena Bei Jing- Bei Jing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Saudi Arabia Sport Club Ukraine-Swimming Stand Oman-Al Amal Club Telescopic Seating System Russia-Vanino Ice Hockey Thailand-Outdoor Soccer Project Oman-Handball Stadium Korean-Auto Park Seat Project India-Bombay Football Stand