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Borway retractable grandstands

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    Depth: 390mm,
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Sports field activity stands

undefinedApplicable places:stadium, gymnasium, hall, multi-purpose conference hall, exhibition hall, etc.

undefinedProduct Description:injection molding process molding, personalized leg curve design the look more bright fashionable, and select the excellent environment-friendly type color masterbatch and stabilizer, with strong anti UV linear, antioxidant, antistatic property, stability and strong acid and alkali, abrasion resistance, water repellency.



undefinedDepth: 390mm,



undefinedThe ability of loading:The telescopic not only bear the weight of structure, but also the Vertical static load must be more than 350kg/㎡.Besides,Placed around the load≥36kg/㎡,For the rail,Horizontal loads≥65kg/㎡,Horizontal loads≥100kg/㎡.

undefinedThe seat and backrest:HDPE Blow mold craft with inner steel support, curve design,anti-static,wall 

undefinedthickness:3mm,Uniform wall thickness,fabric cushion is optional.

undefinedPower supplier:Operation

undefinedFashion:Remote control,Pendant Control,

undefinedPower:380V、0.37KW(0.55KW)、50HZ, Features: Small impact, Smooth operation, Maintenance Free.

undefinedSeat Beam:use the high quality of Q235 rectangular tubes 60mm×40mm×3.75mm,The combination of structural steel can be installed apace,the on-site welding is forbidden.Installation,Each structure is made up by the Q235 steel plate which is bending forming the thickness is more than 2 MM.

undefinedFeet column armrest:Galvanized steel,the steel components is disposed with the sandblasting,Then use the phosphate cleaning system finish the process of retreatment,powder coating will be operated by the large automatical powder coating 

production line,the thickness is 80-120μm. The armrest is made by PE, it is nice look and durable.

undefinedHinge system:The system is made up by Permanent lubrication connecting rod wall, two Independent hinge and two pieces two-way function lifting system of spring, the hinge system can be operated more than 350,000 times and Lubrication fatigue and bearing wear which can be measured won't happen.

undefinedChair Turnover:Use Pedal device easy to operate,and hard to  damage,avoid danger.

undefinedCasters:the material of casters of the steel structure of the stand is made by the Polyurethane materials, the loading capacity of the Double bearing casters is more than 250kg/㎡,when it is rolling,it won't leave any track on the floor.  

undefinedDeck:Use the high quality environmental multilayer solid wood (the thickness is 18mm), High temperature model,The surface covers wear-resisting and anti skidding floor glue,the Nose& Riser beam is made by the aluminum alloy.Section bar  covers the 

boundary beam with the YMFHT.

undefinedOther requires:the material of the rails is 40*40*2.0 steel tube which is installed and welded with the standard Round Steel.

The color is optional.

hot key:Stadium & gym seats,retractable grandstand seating, outdoor steel bleacher chairs
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