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The construction and future of large venues seating
The construction and future of large venues seating

First of all, the construction of a large sports building is triggered by "events." For example, the gymnasium of Hebei North University in Zhangjiakou will respond to the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the Tianjin University Sports Center will respond to the 2012 National Universiade and the 2013 East Asian Games

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  • According to the installation method, stadium seat...

    a. iron foot plain installation; b. iron foot side installation; c. iron foot vertical installation; d. aluminum foot side installation; e. aluminum foot vertical installation.

  • The stadium seats are the seats specially used in ...

    Types of seats for stadium stands developed and produced Plastic grandstand seat The plastic grandstand seats are made of imported polyethylene with a hollow blow molding process. The appearance is full, the lines are smooth, durable, strong weather resistance, easy to clean, and widely used.

  • Seat fixed on the platform

    The shape and size of the seat back and cushion conform to the principles of ergonomics. The inner core material uses polyurethane cold-foaming shaped foam, and the fabric uses imported wool and flame retardant fabric. It has the characteristics of wear resistance and dirt resistance. It is comfortable, Firm and durable.

  • Event Telescopic Stand Information

    The activity stand system has two functions of infrared remote control and wired manual control.

  • An Analysis of the Successful Operation Mode of Se...

    Elements of success for the operating model of large stadiums abroad Income from large-scale sports seat activities. The large-scale activities of venues belong to the content industry of venue operations, and are a specific practice method for the diversified management of venues.

  • Avant Sports|The 20 most common methods of basketb...

    The location is good, the price is low, and there are few places suitable for the construction of basketball courts. You must constantly search and exhaust all kinds of channels. The more potential targets, the better.

  • Avant sports and Asian Games have always had a spe...

    Whether it is the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 or the Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018, you can see leading seats and leading Kohler sports wooden floors in the stadium.

  • Avant sports are invited to attend the 2022 Hangzh...

    At the closing ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, the dazzling design was pleasing to the eye, and the splendid performance was fascinating and intoxicating, but apart from these, the most exciting thing for the Chinese people was the highly anticipated "Hangzhou Eight Minutes"!

  • Shenzhen Universiade Stadium

    In addition, the Shenzhen Jiazhaoye football team will host the Longgang Universiade Center in the new season. The Universiade Center used to be the main venue of the 26th World Universiade.

  • Promote the local culture of Xiamen

    The newly built Xiamen New Sports Center will become a landmark of the city to a certain extent, and the design concept using the theme of "Phoenix·Cuo Bailu·Mei" is to show the unique culture of Xiamen and the cultural customs of southern Fujian to the outside world.