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Avant Telescopic Seating System - H System Tutorial

For the owner of the gymnasium, it is most important that the gymnasium which spent huge funds to construct can be used based on multiple functions. It can be used for different races and other commercial activities. Avant Retractable seating system emerged as the times require. This system is extremely safe, steady and high value added. It can meet different requirements for different usages owe to its multifuction-conversion concept. Choose Avant telescopic seating system, and you choosing quality product more than expected. 

Rectangle Support System 

Main rectangle beam support screwed with slant vice beam allows more loading to each row. 

retractable gym bleachers

Main Beam Support -- Vice Beam Support 

Bearing Beam,Slant Support 

Bearing Beam --Slant Support 

All bearing beam use one-piece rolled square metal strengthen the whole system loading. 

Adjustable Captive -- Loading Wheels 

Adjustable loading wheels between main beam will divide next row pressure. 

mobile bleachers

Driving System 

? Independent four-wheel driving system with direction adjustable system to ensure smooth driving during the movement for the whole system. 

? Independent modular motor system can be remove to switch from power operation to manually operation. 

? light-weight gear reducing motor system,which drive ratio is 1 :200 to slow down the extending speed to avoid noise and wrong direction movement. 

Upper Direction-guidance Wheels 

Bolted at main beam, direction-guidance wheels ensure the right position extended. 

Bottom Continuous Wheels system 

Continuous metal guidance with loading wheels to reduce the operation noise.

Auto-lock System 

Fully automatically locking system allows smooth operation by raising next row locker when opening front row.

Connective Chair Folding System 

Feet-pressed folding system, Bottom covered folding system,Semi-automatically folding system,all three kinds of system equiped with gas-spring system allows super quite during folding down. 

retractable bleachers for gymnasiums

Chair Plastic Shell 

Ergonomic imported PP injection shell with excellent performance for color stability,fireresistance. 

Chair Folding System 

Hidden gravity folding system during seated and closed. 

Soft sofa 

Wooden inner support covered with ergonomic one-piece cold foamed PU with anti-fire lint upholstered. 

Kook Series made up bv seat base,backrest and metal frames. Blow moulded with HOPE material for the seat base and backrest. The surface has been grainy treatment in order to avoid slipping. Both the seat base and backrest have been produced based on fire-resistant requirements. 

telescopic bleachers

In a word, Multi-tiered seating systems are an essential part of all event venues (arenas, sports halls, stadiums, theatres, conference halls, lecture rooms, cinema thatres) as they provide spectators with highquality, safe, and comfortable seating, as well as a good line of sight. More info at 

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