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Venue Association: This year Tianjin National Games sports seating, based on the principles of frugality and green National Games, makes full use of the old stadiums.

The old venues are designed with the limitations of the times. How to inject the current fashion elements and the development of sports into them. We have the following thoughts: 1. The matching of colors and interiors; 2. The multifunctional use of the venues; 3. The use of the venues seating How to use it more conveniently and achieve good results. undefinedThe venue of the opening ceremony was the Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Stadium, commonly known as "Water Drop". It was the venue for the Beijing Olympics football match and the stadium with the highest level of spectator seating in all construction venues for the Beijing Olympics. As the venue for the opening ceremony of the National Games, we did not do much to deal with most of the fixed stands according to the changing needs of stadiums during the ten years. They were basically products made ten years ago. However, the VIP seats are no longer suitable for the current trend of the times. We have made a special design for the VIP seats to make the whole stadium more layered. When we received the request to renovate the VIP seats in the stadium, it was only half a month before the opening ceremony. From the perspective of ergonomics and the integration of seats in the entire venue, we completed the design to The whole process from pattern making to confirmation to delivery.

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