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Focuse on R&D and manufacturing stadium seats in 20 years

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Venue Association: The country strongly supports the sports industry, and the sports industry has entered a stage of rapid development

The National Document No. 42 has greatly promoted the development of the sports industry. Various provinces and cities have also issued documents to support sports venues. We have been rated as the Shenzhen Sports Industry Demonstration Unit. With the support of Guangdong Province and the General Administration of Joined a number of sports venue associations, for the sports industry is currently in the golden age of development. The development of more than 20 years is also "a new starting point and a new journey" for us.


In order to comply with the development of the market, we have set up offices nationwide in the past two years, and our nearby service capabilities have become more and more perfect. We can find the company’s sales and after-sales service personnel in every province, allowing our team and first-line customers to better Proximity service; in product research and development, we have also developed some sports equipment that is in line with the popularization of national fitness. We will carry out industrial integration and further upgrade industrial technology. The focus will be on sports fitness centers, schools and some enterprises and institutions Such mass sports facilities, especially the leading cloud venues that we are launching through more than two years of research and development, are fully in line with the national prefabricated public buildings' intelligent, intensified, and environmentally friendly advanced concepts. It will become our flagship product. , Our product pillar for the next ten years, we look forward to the widespread popularity of products, will lead the industry to a new height, and create more social and economic value for the society. We also hope that under the direction of the national 2025 policy, Industry 4.0, we will become a representative sports demonstration base in the industry.

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