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Venue Association: Stands and seats occupy a large proportion of venue facilities.

The seat is actually a very important part of the stadium construction: 1. The matching of the seat and the interior; 2. The matching of the shape of the seat and the overall tube; 3. The first impression of all the audience is the interior of the stadium. The feeling that is contrasted with the seat; 4. The comfort of the seat, how the audience can find the seat easily, etc. all need to be considered. Stadium seats are unique and are public seats for large-scale mass gatherings: undefined1. Ergonomics considerations, extreme considerations; 2. Comfort and fire protection at the same time; 3. Fire and mechanical properties enough. We strictly follow the extreme standards to design the seats. For example, the interior decoration of Tianjin University of Technology is presented in gray tones, with green, white triangles and squares decorating the walls. According to the characteristics of interior decoration, our designers use three colors of dark green, yellow-green and white to make color gradation, which echoes the color of the wall and achieves the same effect.

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