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Retractable telescopic seating for auditorium multi-function room

In multi-purpose auditoria where different formats or uses are combined then all or part of the raked scating will require to be movable. This can be achieved by forming a structure off a flat floor, and include Bleacher seating: Telescopic structure with tip-pable upholstered seating with backs, able to be retracted into the depth of a single and highest row. The rows are straight and the extended structure is a simple rectangular block, which places a discipline on the seating layout. 

movable bleachers

A large sloped skylight at the east end of the lobby rises above the ceiling of the Founders Rootli with views of the sky, This element provides a visual release for the interior, and serves as a key component for the exterior massing composition. Two elevators are provided to access all levels of the lobby with ample restroom facilities and bars scattered throughout' so at intermis-Sion waiting lines will be small. However, the lobby is more than just a place to enter the performance spaces, It becomes a vital experience in a live theatre — the "theatre of the people" where patrons can see and seen. The multi-purpose main 11511 provides a sense of intimacy with excellent sight lincs and acoustics. It can accommodate an audience of two thousand and seventy on four levels and is suitable for symphony, opera, dance, and theatre pruductions. Acoustics can be adjusted to suit the performance, Approximately half the seats arc located on thc orchestra level with three levels or horseshoe shaped balconies that wrap around the side walls and bring the audience closer to the performers(Only 108 feet separate the front Of the Stage from the farthest seat) The balconies are used for acoustic reflectors to enhance the acoustical qualities of the performance. The detailing of the walls and columns ofthe room is used to disperse sound energy. Acoustic draperies have been provided around the room that can be drawn as necessary to fine tune the acoustics. The auditorium and stage house both require special construction and the integration or the building systems to isolate airborne noises and vibration caused by exterior sounds. Both halls are placed toward the centre of the building so that outer spaces may serve as a buffer. A three-foot, thick concrete mat foundation under the entire building footprint deflects any vibration from the adjacen railway. 

telescopic seating system

The mechanical system also required special treatment to minimize noise. Air conditioning ducts are oversized to supply air at low velocities, Air to the orchestra lewl is supplied from wat pedestal diffusers that are fed from a huge plenum below the floor slab. The ioterior design of lhe hall uses Venetian plaster walls with dark stained cherry wood to provide warmth. Two brass tube elements rise from Ille lower floor up through each of the balconies and begin to fan out toward the ceiling and lead our eyes to sixty-five-foot-long glass chandelier at the centre of the oval dome. T hc orchestra pit lift is designed in three sections to maintain flexibility without valuable seats pit or stage platform is not required. This lift can also provide a thrust stage with rigging poults provided above the acoustic reflector and in front of the proscenium arch, The stage is 103 wide by so deep with a gridiron lhat is more than 90 above the stage floor — one of the largest stages in Wisconsin The four-hundred-and-fiffy scat Kimberly-Claik Studio The, ater is a flexible space that can be used for a variety of performances and community functions. "black box" is fifty-six feet wide. seventy-five feet long, and twenty-five feet clear to the underside or the network of cat walks above (A seating ledge wraps around entire room all the second level with three rows of permanent seats at the south end). Telescopic seating system risers portable Stage easily convert this multi-function room into a proscenium-style theatre space Eor local production companies and lectures. The seating risers can readily be stored, allowing the room to becotne a simple rectangular space that is approximately the same size as the main stage performance area, with wing space that can accommodate rehearsals. This large, open space may also be used for classes, meetings, banquets, and trade shows. In addition, seats may be placed on the floor for cabaret seating, experimental theatre, or The Kimberly-Clark Theater is another critical space for sound, and is detailed in a similar way to the auditorium and stage ouse. The interior design of this room is finished 10 a higher level than a typical "black box" theatre. The walls are a t6-inch thick, cast-in-place concrete with deep textured surfaces on the exposed f?ce. This texture provides a finish to the concrete but' wvore important, provides acoustic Irealmetll 10 break down sound energy. Brick curtain pockets can be found at the side walls that begin to hint proscenium, as they flank the space at the north end or the seating risers, Wood panels and a cap on the balcony miling introduce a sorter material that complements the wood floor at the ground eve. 

The Founders Room just off the main lobby can accommodate meetings and other corporate functions up to one hundred and fifty persons, with its bar and amenities. The space is located at the dress circle level in Ilie rotunda. The irregularly shaped geometry or the sloped and coffered ceiling colliding against curved wall surfaces creates a dynamic and exciting space. The entirc east wall has a strip of windows, which allows views out above the cntrancc canopy. The interface of this curved window wall with the canopy structure provides a gently curved windowsill, which is low at the centre, and clinibs as it turns in toward the edges 01 the room. A wood floor and walls are also provided to echo details that are found elsewhere. We flyto Chicagoon November 24, 2002, and go on to Appleton. The building is finished and looks great. The lobby and the main theatre are fabulous; the theatre attention. There is black tie party fdrtwo thousand guests in the lobby, and they all fit into it. Tony Bemnett sings in the theatre, first like a crooner with the microphone, then puts it away and still can be heard everywhere.

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