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Promote the local culture of Xiamen

The stadium can gather more fans to promote Xiamen's unique local culture, show Xiamen's charm, and increase Xiamen's popularity and influence.

Cultivate local people's sports awareness

When a gymnasium with local culture and high specifications is built, it will inevitably become the pride and pride of local people, and it will also be a place where local people are willing to go. In this way, you can use some international events or domestic high-regulation events to raise local people's awareness of sports charm, cultivate local people's sports awareness, and improve the physical health of the people.undefined

 Provide reference solutions for the construction of large-scale comprehensive gymnasiums in other regions of the country

Because this convertible seat in Xiamen still has some problems to a certain extent. For example, the equipment used to adjust the conversion seat is actually very difficult to maintain. Therefore, if Xiamen can make a major breakthrough in the convertible seat solution to improve the efficiency of the conversion seat process and the easy maintenance of machine equipment, it is recommended. Then this excellent design plan will definitely learn and learn from many areas that want sports stadiums.

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