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Leading seat service for the forty-fourth American Cup

America's Cup football match was born in 1916, is a by the member states of the South American Football Association to participate in the most important national football tournament, tournament predecessor for the South American Championship and world's oldest football matches


2015 forty-fourth American Cup will open in June 2015, at the same time, the Chinese Football Association has accepted the invitation of South American Football Association, to send the country to participate in the forty-fourth session of the 2015 American Cup in chile. If the country is able to enter the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia, but also to participate in the 2015 American Cup, then in 2015 for the country, the value of exercise will be huge.


This will be the Chinese team for the first time in Asia outside of the formal level intercontinental competitions, the Orangemen invited to participate in the Copa America South American football tournament will attract Chinese fans eyes, the intellectual event football field with cool spirit fold seating a total of 25000 seat, leading by the Chinese city of Shenzhen Kang company supplies, leading companies wish the country foot master kicked out of good results! Also wish to have a successful American Cup football match!


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