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Focuse on R&D and manufacturing stadium seats in 20 years

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For new venues, we have been cooperating with the design institute in the early stage of design and have always emphasized the feelings of spectators and athletes

According to the different competition projects undertaken by different venues, we fully communicate with the designer, what kind of color is used for the decoration design and seat color design of the venue, and adjust the color scheme of the seat in the process of continuous communication with the designer , And finally let the interior and the seat include the unique connotation of the sport represented by the school or the area. For example, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Gymnasium and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics are the venues for men’s basketball and women’s basketball. undefinedThe design requirements for the floor and seats are high. The basketball hall is the highest standard for the construction of the entire stadium. We intervened in the early stage to incorporate our suggestions. For the designer, for example, how to design the vents at the lower part of the fixed stand. The traditional method is to drill holes below after the steps are poured. After the holes are drilled, the seat installation cannot be taken into account. We can't install it on the side. The vertical installation will be the venue. Cleaning brings difficulties. Our early intervention: 1. The vent is prefabricated in the early stage, which does not affect the structure; 2. The prefabricated height is suitable for side installation. My wooden floors in these two universities use the highest-grade systems in the fixed sports wooden floors, with strong stability and various coefficients far exceeding the FIBA certification standards. The client said, “I can’t find ten such boards in the whole country, and I am honored that the University of Chinese Medicine has such a high-quality sports wooden floor.” During the National Games, most participating teams praised the floor. The comrades of the organizing committee praised that “you can only hear such an exciting sound when you are watching an NBA game.” The reason is simple, because we are the only manufacturer in China that uses special paint for sports wood floors. The University of Finance and Economics also followed the preliminary consultation and improved its design. In the layout of the entire University of Finance and Economics, the post-match teaching and use design of the competition hall, such as the collocation of the main and auxiliary halls, the collocation of basketball racks in the main and auxiliary halls, and the collocation of volleyball racks in the main and auxiliary halls, can satisfy all indoor sports teaching centers after the game. Need function.

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