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Build a multifunctional venue

Build a multifunctional venue

After the Games, the Yongchuan New District Gymnasium is used for various indoor and outdoor national competitions, public gatherings, performing arts performances and other cultural and sports activities, so it has high requirements for the versatility of the venue.


Kook front stand has a Avant sports-specific rolling integrated front plate and back plate. The stand's overall vertical load can reach 5000N, which meets EU standards. All pedals are plug-in type, good integration, no exposed metal, the stand is raised from the first row, the sight is comfortable and sight barrier-free,

 it can be inserted into the second floor under a limited number of rows, and can be folded at any time, suitable for different numbers of people, Application scenarios with different site area requirements.

The floor adopts Connor imported sports wood flooring system. As a global sports flooring system leader, CONNOR has nearly 150 years of technology precipitation. Since cooperation with Avant technologies in 1998, it has installed more than 3.5 million square meters in the Chinese market. The market share is far ahead,

 and it is the exclusive supplier of the eight major venues of China in the 2019 FIBA International Men's Basketball World Cup.

 Connor flooring has imported maple wood panels, adopts the national mainstream panel paint, non-slip, wear-resistant, passed the DIN standard and STEM standard certification, can provide excellent sports performance for a variety of sports, but also for the next stadium in Yongchuan New District Established the foundation.

On-site painting, better performance, and customized patterns

With the Avant sports Diamond seats, Kook's front stands, and the "three big pieces" Connor sports wood floors, it marks that the Yongchuan New District Stadium has become more and more perfect as a landmark sports infrastructure,

 further improving Yongchuan The ability to host high-standard events and an external appearance,  can also effectively meet the needs of citizens for sports and leisure, and inject new vitality into the development of Yongchuan sports.

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