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Add a metal structure stand system

 Advantages: 1. Light weight: When the stands need to be added indoors and on the second floor, consider using the metal stand system; 2. Easy to build and easy to disassemble: When the venue is only temporarily needed to increase seats, the metal stand system is the best choice , What can be satisfied by the fixed stand, and the metal stand system can be satisfied without restriction. When the venue is used for other purposes, it can be dismantled immediately for other uses. 3. There are many choices of seats, and different seats can be configured according to the needs of the venue. undefinedThe Qiannan Stadium in Guizhou and the Swimming and Diving Hall of the Huanglong Sports Center in Zhejiang Province use this method, which can still maintain the neat and uniform style of the stadium. The demand for the number of seats in the stadium is met to the greatest extent.

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